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Trick Shot Wednesday: The Coolest Game on Earth

Join us as we celebrate Holy Week, the beginning of spring, and the National Slideypuck League playoffs.

Roberto Luongo displays mad goalie skillz
Roberto Luongo displays mad goalie skillz
Joel Auerbach

Now that March Madness has concluded and spring has finally arrived (look, just ignore the snowfall from the last few days, okay??), we've entered that magical stretch where the sports world offers students a bazillion ways to be distracted from trivial things like senior theses and final papers. This stretch kicked off (heh) last week with the annual Blue-Gold Game, where ol' Savvy Jack wasted little time in announcing an upgrade to the 100-yard dirt patch in the middle of the Stadium.

Unfortunately, this year (so far) we don't have any photos of the Blue-Gold Game for you to mess around with. But fear not! As I hinted earlier, this time of year is rife with awesome sports thingumajigs. Among these are the NHL playoffs, which begin this Friday (you'd think they could've waited til after Easter...) and feature a high amount of puck-sliding and board-checking and all kinds of fun stuff.

As the weather gets hotter, the prospect of laying on an ice sheet becomes more and more enticing. And when you play hockey in Florida--a place that specializes in producing what one might generously label "ludicrously sweltering" weather--then you can hardly blame Florida Panthers goalie Roberto Luongo for taking an impromptu break during a game last week. Now, to be fair, the Panthers won't be in the postseason, so who can fault Luongo for making the most of his playing time? In any case, put yourself inside his helmet and go do what you guys do best.

Best Photoshop

--Joint award goes to Silent Verbal and occtipus for dancing around a...deadly topic, then setting up a quick recovery strategy. May Lou have mercy on your souls.

Best Caption

--burger23 attempted to steal jchrapek's fitness shtick by pointing out a rather alarming development.

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