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The University of Notre Dame Unveils the 2014 Version of The Shirt

Half of the proceeds from The Shirt go to the Shirt Charity which helps students with unexpected medical expenses.

Okay, Irish fans here is this year's version of The Shirt.

What do you think? Here are some thoughts...

*It looks like some sort of cobalt blue which is an interesting choice. I'll take that over another dark navy blue shirt. But if you're not going with the traditional navy blue I prefer something a little more bold like the 2011 version, my favorite of all-time so far.

*Yes, another cheesy slogan. We have to live with it at this point, don't we? It's kind of funny that they put the facade of the Stadium on the front a couple of months after announcing the Crossroads Project.

*I like the 25th anniversary logo on the left arm. Pops really nicely against the cobalt blue.

*That logo on the arm is curious because nothing else on The Shirt really pops with color. There is some gold outline with the "WE ARE" on the back but it's subtle. The gold "ND" on the back also is pale and flushed out. To make matters worse, the big lettering on the front isn't outlined at all, just a darker shade of blue.

*Overall, I'd say this is a middle-of-the-road Shirt. Pretty good, but not great. A lot better than last year, though.

Here's a quick video on the design process from some Notre Dame students: