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Notre Dame Football Spring Practice Report: 3-6-14

One more report before 2 weeks of spring break.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame was back on the field Wednesday morning for their second practice of spring. No media was present for this get together so our options are limited. So it goes. The Irish will now take a two week break as school is out of session and they'll return for practice No. 3 on March 19th.

FYI, a few players have changed numbers plus it's time to memorize the two new freshmen. March 5th Practice Report

  • That's a nice snag by Greg Bryant at 1:19 and getting up-field after the catch. Unless my eyes deceive me it looks like he made the reception against Jaylon Smith too.
  • The next clip has Fuller running away from Farley. The Farley experiment at corner...I don't know.
  • 1:37 that's Day absolutely smoking Christian Lombard. Boy, is Day quick off the line.
  • At 1:42 we get a nice look at Ronnie Stanley working at left tackle keeping Romeo Okwara at bay.
  • Farley is all over Robinson at 1:49 but Catch Radius gonna Catch Radius.
  • Nice hands and physicality by McGovern at 1:57 against Okwara.
  • A bit of a push-off by Koyack against Redfield but we like the open field moves nonetheless.
  • Super excited to see Golson get out of the pocket and break some ankles.

Coach Kelly Post Practice Interview


New turf inside Loftus is nice.

They're doing work because it's spring ball and well it's time to work.

He used the word 'dispersions.'

A lot of inexperienced but talented groups out there but they are fun to coach.

Brian Kelly Sits Down with ESPN following Practice 1

I just love the speed option.