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Trick Shot Wednesday: I Must Ash You a Question

Never mind, I'll shave it for later. (Can we mix Lent puns and beard puns like that? Yes, of course we can. #WeAreND)

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

In the spirit of Ash Wednesday (btw, since any of you fools who gave up OFD for Lent (question: why would you do such a thing??) won't even read this, I'll make fun of you for the next 40 days), this article will be pretty bare-bones. I was going to propose several ideas for what you could "give up" for your Lenten sacrifice...but I believe that your status as palpitation-loving Notre Dame fans has exempted you from making Lenten sacrifices for the next 30 years or so (to our sizeable and highly-esteemed priest/bishop demographic reading this: I'm joking).

[NB: Be sure to answer the Lenten beard poll at the end of this article!]

The Commentariat is still apparently in offseason form, since there wasn't much green to be found in last week's TSW. The results:

Best Photoshop(s)

--clearwall bringing ND and its coaching staff back to those good ol' Indiana farmboy roots.

--j.chapin close behind him with this little guy:

Best caption

--For this one, 60minuteman provided a MotS-esque combo entry that really plunges straight to the core of what OFD is really all about.

Thanks for your efforts, everyone--keep 'em coming!

For this guys, I tried SO hard to find photos of the lax or hockey teams struttin' their stuff, but apparently the photo wire services didn't consider them important enough to pass them along to SBN. In lieu of those teams, I'm once again going with a basketball photo--this time around, it features Pat Connaughton getting mauled by the UNC defense. Do your worst, captioners!