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Notre Dame Football Spring Practice Report: 3-3-14

Football is back.


The Irish took to the indoor practice facility this morning for their first spring practice of 2014. Here's a recap of the events of the day.


It's nice to have the not-so-young-anymore quarterback back in the fold. The staff was happy with where Golson began on practice on Monday. There were some accuracy issues and he needs to develop a familiarity with his receivers. Still, it was a good first day for Golson.

That sounds an awful lot like it's full speed ahead with Golson with Zaire the clear backup. However, Golson answered questions from the media after practice and was saying all the right things.

Heartening to hear. Remember when everyone was really worried he'd leave for another school? Here's Golson's meeting with the media after practice:


The top two units from left to right were as follows:



Since Stanley is getting first look at left tackle you have to think that's who the staff wants to stay there. With his production and experience I have a hard time seeing anyone else beating Stanley out there. The question for me is whether McGlinchey hangs on to that right tackle spot. If he doesn't we might see some shuffling on the line.


Tarean Folston was your starting running back with McDaniel and Bryant sharing second team reps.

As long as these 3 players stay healthy I think we're going to really like what this group has to offer.

Carlisle exclusively at receiver

Redfield & Collinsworth 1st team safeties; Shumate & Onwualu 2nd team


Your first team receivers for the media viewing portion of the practice were Robinson (boundary), Prosise (slot), and Brown (field). The second team was Fuller (boundary), Carlisle (slot), and Hunter (field).

Per reports, Carlisle was getting work exclusively in the slot and was not doing drills with the running backs. Will Mahone is also exclusively at receiver as the third slot player.


When the team used two tight end sets it was Durham Smythe joining Ben Koyack on the first team. Smythe has gained 7 pound since the fall and is listed at 242 pounds on the spring roster.

Third string tight end Mike Heuerman is listed at the same size as in August (6-3 1/2, 225 pounds) and as I've feared it doesn't appear his frame has been able to put on weight. It'll be interesting to see where and when the staff decides to deploy the redshirt freshman this season if he's still 25 pound under the ideal playing weight.


In 3-man fronts the starting unit today was Sheldon Day at defensive end, Jarron Jones at nose guard, and Ishaq Williams at defensive end. Their back-ups were Chase Hounshell, Justin Utupo, and Isaac Rochell.

In 4-man fronts the first team was Romeo Okwara at defensive end, Sheldon Day at tackle, Jarron Jones at tackle, and Ishaq Williams at defensive end. Their backups were Rabasa, Hounshell, Utupo, and Rochell.

Ishaq is now 10 pounds heavier at 271 and it sure looks like he'll be focusing on playing end much more than dropping in coverage.


The opening practice 1st team middle linebackers went to the oldest players in Kendall Moore at Mike and Joe Schmidt at Will. The second team featured a pair of redshirt freshman in Michael Deeb at Mike and Doug Randolph at Will.

Moore is still pretty heavy holding steady at 251 pounds. Both Schmidt (230) and Deeb (242) are at the same weight as August while Randolph has gained 7 pounds and is currently at 240 pounds.

No big surprises at the outside linebacker spots with Williams, Okwara, and Rabasa at the newly named Rush position with Jaylon Smith and John Turner at the Dog position (no word on what they're calling this position now).


Your first team corners were KeiVarae Russell and Cole Luke, the latter now 6 pounds heavier and up to 190 pounds. Matthias Farley and Jalen Brown were your second team corners with Farley going on the field as the nickel during the media session.


Some mild intrigue at safety where Max Redfield and Austin Collinsworth were with the 1st team, Elijah Shumate and James Onwualu with the second team, and Eilar Hardy and Nicky Baratti with the third team.


WatchND Practice Report

Some random thoughts on our first football video of the year...

  • Is that blue and white ND logo on the field new? Prepping us for putting it on the field turf in the Stadium?
  • The cut-off pants at the thigh is not a good look.
  • I love at 1:41 how Golson can fire that screen quickly and with some zip.
  • That's freshman Justin Brent at 2:14. He was picking up plenty of rave reviews on the morning for his size.
  • Zaire's throwing motion look likes it's gotten a little quicker.

Brian Kelly Post-Practice Media Session

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