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Reviewing the Redshirts: OG John Montelus

Analyzing the Irish freshmen who retained a year of eligibility in 2013 and what role they may play in 2014.

Reviewing the Redshirts is an off-season series meant to resurrect discussion around the current Irish freshmen who did not play in 2013.

There were 13 this year who retained a year of eligibility and today we take a look at a mammoth interior prospect hoping to inflict damage on opponents in the near future.

OG, John Montelus


Hometown: Everett, Massachusetts

Height: 6-4

Weight: 320


4-star, No. 8 OG, No. 1 MA, No. 141 USA, 0.9330 score

Need at Position: Low-to-Mild

Expected Spot on 2014 Depth Chart: 2nd String

Here's what I had to say about Montelus after last year's National Signing Day:

A true bulldozer at guard with quick feet and solid mobility. I love the way Montelus gets downfield and blocks. Putting on my scout hat for a moment he plays with really good pad level. Looks like a very polished offensive lineman with good explosion out of his stance.

Montelus should push for playing time very early in his career---he might even take over for Watt at left guard in 2014. As long as he can stay healthy John should have a very big career in South Bend.

He doesn't appear in line to start at left guard this season so that prediction was a bit off. To be fair to myself a little bit that was made with the thought in mind that Steve Elmer would be playing tackle and of course I wasn't factoring in a shoulder injury which kept Montelus out all of 2013.

Anyway, Montelus' impact might be delayed a little bit as he enters his first full healthy season. That's okay because this kid is an angry wrecking ball of a blocker and might not wait too much longer. I think his physicality as a high school senior was among the best of any recruit Notre Dame has signed over the last several years. High praise, indeed.

With Kelly's recent comments about Lombard likely keeping his right guard position once he comes back from wrist surgery it means Montelus is probably destined to remain no higher than the third man in at guard for 2014.

He did drop upwards of 20 pounds from his listed fall weight and in addition to recovering from shoulder surgery Montelus has been in the process of re-shaping his body as well. Those two battles are never easy to accomplish at the same time so it's nice to see he's made considerable progress.

We haven't heard many comments about Montelus thus far through spring practice. Usually for an offensive lineman that is a good sign, though. He'll be someone to keep an eye on in the fall especially if there are any injuries at the guard position. I still really like Montelus' long-term potential for this program.