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Trick Shot Wednesday: Bracket-Busting Bonanza

[photo of victorious Duke squad goes here]

much awkward. so baseketball. wow
much awkward. so baseketball. wow
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For all of you good folks out there who took anywhere from 5 minutes (me) to 5 years (JoeSchu) to fill out your brackets, let me sum up how the first two rounds went for you:

  1. "Boy, what an exciting tournament! I can't wait to see this incredible slate of games!"
  2. "I'm 4-for-4 on the day--so far, so good!"
  3. "Dear Mercer: I don't know whether to kiss you for beating Duke or strangle you for cheating me out of my 100 BILLION dollars."
  4. "Wait a second, when does Notre Dame pl--oh, right..."
  5. "Dear Lord, I haven't seen this much red ink on a piece of paper since my 3rd grade math test."
  6. "WELP"

And so on.

Thankfully, now that your bracket has gone up in flames, you can kick back and enjoy the rest of March Madness with no worries about one-point heart-stopping quintuple-overtime victories. After all, isn't that what the football season is for?

Best Photoshop/Photocaption

--clearwall decided to tee up a knucklepuck...

...and occtipus, as he is wont to do, blasted it through the back of the net:

Best Caption

--Alas, although JoeSchu's expression of displeasure (u mad, bro?) was highly-rated, it was not actually a caption...and so that honor goes to eyerish9299 and his portrayal of Anders' mind turning to football matters:

I'd be careful, man--as Tommy showed at Pro Day, he'll catch your sorry butt if you can't run a sub-5-second 40.

Results of Bracket Poll

Frankly, you guys, I am disappoint that you chose MATHS over YOUR OWN GRANDMOTHER. Way to have some ELITE priorities.


Although this week's TSW selection may rustle a few jimmies, I'll allow it simply because it shows an unfortunate Louisville fellow conducting a spontaneous floor-tasting test. Like, in the FACE. The rest of it--an awkwardly hopping/gesturing Pitino, the emotionless crowd, etc.--is just gravy. If you're confuzzled by the lack of ND pics, then trust me--we'll get those back in the loop when possible. But I mean come ON, he's landing on the floor with his FACE!

Go fire up those captioning synapses...and until next time, Go Irish!