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Trick Shot Wednesday: Olympic Break Edition

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Your favorite weekly wacky photo-captioning contest is back, and no Russian politician is safe!

Vlad haz a sad.
Vlad haz a sad.
Bruce Bennett

Happy February, everyone! Last time we were together for a Trick Shot Wednesday, we were toasting fishoutofwater's well-deserved TSW Championship, as well as celebrating all those who made the tournament possible (aka all of you!). As we get into the heart of the offseason, TSW will also be loosening up quite a bit with no football games going on. That is, we'll try to feature Notre Dame sports photos if there are any particularly noteworthy entries...but for the most part, this spring will feature a decent chunk of outside entries. Just think of it as uNDer Armour swooping in and using ND as it's own experimental laboratory or something. (And no, I won't be designing any controversial speedskating suits for Team USA, so please don't ask.)

Speaking of international sports shenanigans, the Winter Olympics have been a veritable gold mine of funny photos that are caption-worthy. Because there are so many, expect to see some Bonus TSW Photos popping up in the comments during some weeks. However, this week's photo instantly rocketed to the top of the "OH MAN THE COMMENTARIAT WILL HAVE A FIELD DAY WITH THIS ONE" list. The situation is simple: Bond villain Russian President Vladimir Putin is shown reacting to a tense moment in the epic USA-Russia hockey matchup, a game that was decided in a heart-stopping 8-round shootout. Whether he was yawning away the stress, muttering something ominous to Dmitri Medvedev, or gasping in horror as T.J. Oshie skated in to take his 345th shot of the day, we'll never know...that is, not unless you can tell us!

For those of you who are new to the site (or to TSW), the concept is simple: Using your considerable wit, charm, good looks, and/or photoshop expertise, caption this photo (and any Bonus Photos) either with a simple line of text in a comment, a professional-looking photoshop, or whatever else you wish to create using the header photo. You may create as many captions as you like--the more, the merrier! But that's only the half of it--whether you submit entries or not, you're encouraged to vote for your favorites by rec-ing (clicking the gold star) any and all captions that tickle your American funny bone (or Canadian, if you're Larz). That's all there is to it!

Until next time, go USA, beat the world!