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Five Wide Fullbacks: Let's Go Bowling!

With Notre Dame's bowl possibilities coming into focus, let's take a look at some potentially fabulous trips for the team.

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Earlier this week, we took a look at the potential bowls for ND. (You can find the article here) Now let's use this edition of Five Wide Fullbacks to take a closer look at the cities in which these games will be played and how much fun there is to be had.

1. Sun Bowl

As its name would imply, the Sun Bowl takes place in fabulous El Paso, Texas a place where its always sunny and the weather always cooperates (unless of course you were at the last Irish Sun Bowl, then you know better). There are a lot of things to love about visiting El Paso, there is authentic Mexican food (Savvy Jack enjoys Los Bandidos) and it's a short trip across the border to Juarez if you are so inclined. * For the players this may be the least desirable destination since the gift bags may partly consist of sunscreen and a burro while the game could conceivably be played in either sweltering heat or snow... or both.

2. Music City Bowl

The Music City Bowl is located in the music capital of the country, Nashville, Tennessee; As opposed to LA, the other music capital of the country. This might be the bowl I'm wishing for the most (if only for the possibility of BVG swaggering around a honky tonk in a cowboy hat after a big win while Everett Golson tickles the ivories). The other best part about a bowl game in Nashville is the abundance of good music. The town is so music crazy that the driveway at former president Andrew Jackson's house is shaped like a guitar. If ND ends up here get your boots and belt buckles ready, it's gonna be a hoe-down.

3. Belk Bowl

The Belk Bowl a/k/a the "Moderately Priced Clothing and Home Goods Bowl" is going down in Charlotte, North Carolina. There are a lot of positives about having a bowl game in Charlotte. Between the barbeque, the weather and the potential of being on an episode of "48 Hours" what else could you ask for? With the Biltmore Estate a quick 2-hour drive away you even get the opportunity to see a home built in the 19th century. Who could pass up the opportunity to see what the architecture was like when Lou Holtz was young?

4. Taxslayer Bowl

I'll be honest; I'm not sure how I feel about college football games being named after accounting services. Nonetheless, there are some pretty good perks about going to a bowl in Jacksonville, Florida. First, who says no to free tax software... no one, that's who. Second, the environment might be the best of all the bowl options. Jacksonville offers the sun, the beach and best of all Disney World is nearby in Orlando. Wouldn't we all love to see Everett Golson (or Malik Zaire if you prefer) throw for 600 yards, get the bowl MVP, and tell everyone he's going to Disney World? I thought you would.

5. Pinstripe Bowl

At this point I think most of us are familiar with the Pinstripe Bowl in New York City, seeing as ND played in this bowl last year. With as many games as the Irish have played in the New York area in the last year it seems like the university should open a satellite campus. Frankly, I wouldn't be very excited to be heading to New York for a second year in a row if I were on the team; unless of course I was really into cashing in on those after Christmas sales on 5th Avenue.

Looking back, this season hasn't gone the way the team or the fans wanted. However, the season isn't over yet and there are still important goals to be met. Getting young players reps in live situations and finishing strong to show well in recruiting are still achievable and can help jumpstart a big year in 2015.

* Please don't go to Juarez, you may not come back