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OFD Opinions: Sharing Our Christmas Irish Swag

Who received the best Notre Dame gear from Santa this year?


This one is simple. Share your Christmas gifts that were Notre Dame related. Did you get something you really hoped you would receive? Did any of your gifts surprise you?


Santa delivered a UA crew neck long sleeve and the white coaches' polo (not pictured). Both are fantastic and the sewn in details on the long sleeve are awesome. I'd recommend anyone considering UA loose fit gear consider going up a size, particularly if they're tall.


I also got a great Peter Millar golf shirt with the ND logo. Peter Millar is an NC based golf clothing manufacturer. It is probably a little gold-seat'ish for much of our crowd, but it was a great gift. They run a bit more true to size.


Sadly, no green UA kicks, but there's always after Christmas sales.


I was fortunate enough to receive three Notre Dame gifts. I have a light gray hoodie and a dark gray t-shirt which now give me my first Under Armour Irish gear. I like both of them.


I also have a pair of car mats which will go nicely in my car. Where I'm from the winter has completely destroyed my factory mats and I'll be much better off with the monogram under my feet now.


I'll break down what I got:


1. Pair of UA Notre Dame wristbands: Wristbands? Who wears those anymore?! In all honesty, I didn't ask for a pair for Christmas to wear them, but to put it one on my camera, as you can see. It's a comfy cushion on my viewfinder, helps with my viewfinder fogging up and simply looks swell.


2. Under Armour ColdGear Infrared jacket: This is the issue-gear winter jacket I believe (will stand corrected if not the case) and it's pretty solid. It's warm, despite its light layers (it is literally the coldgear material and an outer layer that is water and wind resistant). It's a solid jacket. It does repel rain very well and there are tons of pockets. There are four main pockets on the front and my only critique of the design is that if you have a cell phone or a wallet, put them in the pouches you see in the pic, as they will fall out of the regular jacket pockets.


3. Under Armour 2014 Sideline Performance T-Shirt: It's that UA smooth material that we all know and love and the shirt is mad comfy. It does size a little big but I don't mind that. Very breathable and I can wear it with anything. Except USC sweatpants. And Michigan [Insert Clothing Here].


This year brought me some nice ND gear to show off.  I received an adidas polo shirt.  It is a very comfortable shirt to wear.  I also received a green ND stocking.  Kind of impractical, but will be a nice fixture on the chimney for next year.  Last, but certainly not least, I opened a small box of ND football cards from Upper Deck.  Not only were the cards really nice, but there was a small 1929 National Champs pennant inside.  I was very happy with my gifts and hope this Christmas season is capped off with a Notre Dame victory.


Share with us in the comment section the Irish gear you received for Christmas!