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The Big E College Football Picks: Week 11

College GameDay is in East Lansing this weekend.

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Can you believe we're already to week 11 in the season? I say this every year but the football season goes by way too fast. If only humans could absorb the pain on their bodies and play a 50-game season for 9 months.


Congratulations to DomerDore, iNDy_Verballer, and Zach Paschal for leading week 10 with records of 12-5. However, we have a new overall leader and oh look who it is!

*trumpets blare* *drums pound* *cymbals crash*

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Well, it's nice to reclaim my throne atop the pick 'em league. I can assure you I will not relinquish this spot and all is lost for the rest of you who are still picking games every week.

Big E: 106-72 (1st place)

Now on to another great week of college football. I'm using CFB Poll Rankings now.

No. 12 Baylor (+6) at No. 15 Oklahoma

Pick: Baylor

It's week 11 and it feels like we really don't know much about Baylor at this point. They got lucky in a win over TCU and lost on the road at West Virginia. It's not very often that Vegas gives this many point to the Bears. That probably has to do with their history in Norman where they've never won. I don't see OU losing 3 out of their first 9 games but I like a tight game and cover by Baylor.

No. 25 Wisconsin (-17) at Purdue

Pick: Wisconsin

The history in this series heavily favors the Badgers, plus they're starting to gain some momentum in the Big Ten outscoring Maryland and Rutgers 89-7 over the past couple weeks. I'm a little worried about the sleep factor of a half-filled stadium with a noon start. Still like Wisconsin to wear Purdue down and cover.

No. 20 Georgia (+10) at Kentucky

Pick: Georgia

The Dawgs have their back against a wall right now. They screwed the pooch last week and now don't control their own destiny in the SEC East. I expect a very motivated Georgia team this weekend.

No. 22 Duke (-3.5) at Syracuse

Pick: Duke

The stars are aligning where Duke ends up as the least respect 11-1 team in the history of American college football. All of Syracuse's quarterbacks are injured and Anthony Boone continues to be quietly effective.

No. 10 Notre Dame (+2.5) at No. 9 Arizona State

Pick: Arizona State

I predicted a 4-point win by the Sun Devils.

Texas A&M (+21.5) at No. 3 Auburn

Pick: Auburn

While the rest of college football has dismissed A&M as terrible I'm patiently waiting for them to come back and add a couple covers down the stretch. This probably isn't going to be one of those weeks. Kyle Allen will soon be a great quarterback but the true freshman struggled against Monroe last week. I don't see good things happening on the road against perhaps the best team in the country.

No. 23 West Virginia (-3) at Texas

Pick: Texas

This is roughly the third time this year that I've picked Texas to shock the world and upset someone. They've failed me each time but I am determined to believe Charlie Strong will get one big win in his first year.

UConn (-4.5) at Army

Pick: Diaco

UConn comes in flying high after a win over UCF. I wonder how George O'Leary feels about losing to Bobby D?

Virginia (+20) at No. 2 Florida State

Pick: Virginia

As the night games begin I'm taking a flyer on an underdog. The Noles have only beaten 1 FBS team by more than 20 points this year, a major change from last year. It seems crazy but a 32-14 type of score makes sense to me.

No. 18 UCLA (-6) at Washington

Pick: Washington

U-Dub just dismissed their top corner which drove this line up a point and a half. Does anyone watch UCLA play and feel like it's just Brett Hundley playing backyard ball? In the two full games I've watch of the Bruins, Hundley has run the ball 46 times. It's hard to believe UCLA is only sitting at 2 losses. I'm watching for an upset here.

Marshall (OFF) at Southern Miss

Pick: Marshall

Dang, the Eagles are so bad Vegas had to take this one off the board? I'm guessing Southern Miss has a major injury here or something? I didn't do any research on this one. It's a free win from Vegas!

No. 7 Kansas State (+6) at No. 6 TCU

Pick: Kansas State

I'm pretty shocked the spread is this high even if TCU is at home. I know there's a lot of confidence in the Frogs offense right now, but still. Kansas State isn't going to make this easy.

No. 14 Ohio State (+3.5) at No. 8 Michigan State

Pick: Michigan State

This is a terrible matchup for Ohio State going up against the Spartans defense. Even if this is a low-scoring dragged out affair (because B1G) I like Michigan State's stability on offense. A comfortable two-score win aided by a couple bad J.T. Barrett turnovers sounds about right.

Colorado (+17) at No. 19 Arizona

Pick: Arizona

Rich Rod lost last week and the warm fuzzy feeling about the Wildcats have faded a little bit. I do like them to bounce back and win big. Do we talk enough about how bad Colorado has been for years? 8-42 in conference play since 2009, yikes.

No. 5 Alabama (-6.5) at No. 16 LSU

Pick: LSU

For a moment I thought LSU had 3 losses already and I found it hard to believe they'd have 4 losses with a couple games left in the season. My mistake on that though because they've only lost twice. This does feel like a 9-4 type of Tigers team this year. Alabama should win but the smart move is to take almost a full touchdown at night in Death Valley.

No. 4 Oregon (-8.5) at No. 17 Utah

Pick: Oregon

This is Oregon's last challenge and a win should realistically put them into the Pac-12 title game where they'll have a decent shot at a playoff spot. I really don't think Utah can hang with the Ducks. The Utes have a good defense and this may be close for a while but Marcus Mariota's march to the Heisman should get one more boost until the post-season.