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Football Food: The Chef's Ravioli

This week we take a 90-year old recipe and make ourselves a meal.

I've patiently waited my turn to take the Football Food post for a spin. One of the types of food I am particularly fond of is Italian. As far as I'm aware I do not have any Italian in my blood. Some Irish, some English, a little German maybe with a little Native American that's about it. I do love me some Italian fare, though.

In order to get the best ingredients I needed to head to the grocery store.


Let's be honest choosing this would be utterly beneath anyone looking to cook something tasty and delicious. If you stoop to this level to eat I truly feel bad for you.


Now we're talking.

The Chef and I go way back and I can guarantee he'll never let you down. During his 60 years of cooking he showed the world how to make a sumptuous ravioli at an affordable price.


I like to put my can on the passenger seat in a nice upright position. You could just toss yours in the backseat or the trunk with some other stuff if you don't have any pride in what you're about to cook but that's not my style.

It's hard to tell in the picture but those are definitely leather seats you're looking at in my car.


No can opener needed, folks.

Do you see that rich color of the sauce? If Crayola made that color it would be called Sunburst Explosion. This is where all the taste resides.


Here's the bowl. I like to use a very simple microwave safe bowl. Preferably in white so as to offer a nice contrast to the Sunburst Explosion sauce of the ravioli.


Here is the bowl sitting in the microwave. I put a paper towel over the top to reduce the amount of splattering.

I'm using a Frigidaire 1,000 watt over-the-range heating system. Some people like to put it in for a little over a minute. Personally, I prefer a full 2 minutes. Be careful when removing from the microwave because you may be injured if using your bare hands.


You can go with several different options for a drink. I'm going with an ice cold Coke Zero, the diet soda for men. Its bright cola bursts pair well with the tomato sauce and beef. Plus, yo have you tried Coke Zero it tastes just like regular Coke.

You can add some more pieces to this dish but it's not necessary. What I have prepared here, with the help of The Chef, is more than enough to fill you up.