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Trick Shot Wednesday: North Carolina Week

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After a long week of chopping down Trees, it's time to wash the Tar off our Heels.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Quite honestly, everyone, I have no witty introduction or wordy antics that can possibly top what we all witnessed with one minute remaining in last Saturday's game. So I'm going to shut up, step aside for a minute, and let the good folks at Fighting Irish Digital Media take it away.

Now watch it again.

Ready? Alright, let's go.

Stanford Week Winners

Thanks to the sudden early-October chill that addled my brain, there was some unintended confusion over last week's TSW entry. Thanks to those erstwhile members of the Commentariat who submitted their lulz--and an honorable mention to Kendall Moore's beer gut, who got the only green for this submission:

And now for the REAL winners...

After I corrected my goof with all the grace of a gloveless FG holder, the ideas came flooding in. There were far too many green'd comments (almost all of them had 7 recs) to put them all here; many of them (ConcreteCharliee, clearwall, HolyCrossHog) critiqued the fashion choice of the orange-pantsed Syracuse cheerleader, while others had him saying everything from Shakespeare (scttmtclf, clearwall again, NDForever) to dancing advice (fightin'_eyerash) and much more. This is all in addition to Torii moonlighting as a bear-fighting karate expert (scttmtclf) and a statute (CSN).

Despite their razzing of Sir Sillypants, the lads couldn't quite overcome Cranked_Irish and his revelation of the message that was right under our collective nose:

And in an effort to provide the Commentariat with some flashy promotional material, CleverScreenName took the above entry and gave us this logo:

Poll Results

Boy, it sure is nice when you have a mascot whose most threatening feature is his Google Glass.


This week's entry is a snapshot of the comedy of errors that was the Stanford offense on Saturday. As we get ready to take on UNC this week, give us your best efforts with captioning and Photoshopping!