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The Big E College Football Picks: Week 10

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College GameDay is in Morgantown this week.

Brett Deering


The bye week is over for the Irish football team but we haven't taken a break in our assault against Las Vegas.


Congratulations to goodoldtk for leading the way in week 9 with a 13-4 record. You have now overtaken the overall lead by 3 games with a 100-61 record.

Big E: 95-66 (3rd place)

Now on to this week's games...

Air Force (-3) at Army

Pick: Air Force

The Falcons need this game to take the Commander-in-Chief Trophy for the first time since 2011. I expect them to be psyched and ready to roll.

No. 24 Duke (+3.5) at Pittsburgh

Pick: Duke

Why is Pitt getting this much respect? I have no explanation for this.

No. 21 East Carolina (-7.5) at Temple

Pick: East Carolina

Temple has quietly had a decent year and East Carolina's offense has been in a little bit of a slump recently. I don't think you can hold this Pirates offense down for too long, though.

No. 19 Oklahoma (-16.5) at Iowa State

Pick: Iowa State

If you look at the last half dozen or so of the times Oklahoma traveled to Ames there's only one real big blowout victory for the Sooners. A whole bunch of teams always go to Iowa State and get caught in a close game. I don't know if OU has the explosive offense anymore to dominate this by a whole lot.

No. 10 TCU (-4) at No. 20 West Virginia

Pick: West Virginia

I suppose scoring 82 points last week allows TCU to be a decently sized road favorite here. Boy, their offense is really humming lately. Still, too many are calling for an outright upset here so I'll take the points and see what happens.

Purdue (+23.5) at No. 17 Nebraska

Pick: Purdue

I don't know if it's being talked about enough but Purdue has been fairly competitive this year despite still losing a boat load of games. The playoff poll has us talking about the merits of Nebraska so I'm going to guess many will be going with me and betting the Corn don't cover this huge spread.

Florida (+11.5) at No. 9 Georgia

Pick: Georgia

The rivalry factor of this game is keeping this spread from getting out of hand. However, it's still low enough for me to pick the Dawgs to roll and add another nail in Muschamp's coffin.

BYU (-4) at Middle Tennessee State

Pick: BYU

Because why not?

Kansas (+35.5) at No. 12 Baylor

Pick: Baylor

Ahh, there's a Baylor line we've missed so much. It's tempting to pick the points and I probably would if this was a road game for the Bears.

No. 4 Auburn (+2) at No. 7 Ole Miss

Pick: Auburn

Ole Miss is coming off a tough physical game at LSU and suffered some key injuries. If there's an offense that can consistently move the ball against this Rebel defense it's Auburn and the smart move is to take them as the underdog.

Arkansas (+10.5) at No. 1 Mississippi State

Pick: Arkansas

The Hogs still haven't won a SEC game in forever but all of their losses this year have been pretty close. On the other side Miss State's defense hasn't exactly been something you'd expect from a No. 1 team. It might not cost them a win this weekend but I'll take the Hogs to cover.

Stanford (+8) at No. 5 Oregon

Pick: Oregon

Stanford is the well-known enemy for Oregon. A lot of talk around this game may surround Oregon's supposed weak defense. I really don't think the Cardinal have the offense to exploit it all that well. Unfortunately for Irish fans I am expecting a quality Oregon win here.

Oklahoma State (+12.5) at No. 11 Kansas State

Pick: Kansas State

Oklahoma State looked good to start the season but hasn't been the same team without their quarterback. Wildcats to cover.

Illinois (+28.5) at No. 13 Ohio State

Pick: Ohio State

Urban does a good job of beating up on the poor teams. I don't think we'll see two straight duds from the Buckeyes.

No. 6 Notre Dame (-14) at Navy

Pick: Notre Dame

The Irish have covered a lot of games this year. Will it continue this weekend?

No. 14 Arizona (+6.5) at No. 25 UCLA

Pick: Arizona

Lock of the week? Well, that didn't exactly work last week with Ohio State.

No. 18 Utah (+5) at No. 15 Arizona State

Pick: Arizona State

I'm a little concerned how ASU reacts to the physical play of Utah. However, the Utes lost their top receiver and are going to need to generate a lot of offense to keep pace with the Sun Devils. A small blowout here wouldn't surprise me.