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The Big E College Football Picks: Week 9

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GameDay is in Baton Rouge this weekend.

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We've got some solid games this weekend but it might be a bye week to spend with your significant other, doing yard work, or some other activities. Just as long as you report back to OFD Monday morning everything should be fine.


Congratulations to 6 people in total for leading the way last week: Kendall Moore's Beer gut, JAYLON SMITH MURDER TRAIN, Paint St. Paint, goodoldtk, MonkeyKnifefight, and jepeters6 each compiled 13-4 records in week eight.

Paint St. Paint remains our overall leader with a 4-game lead and 91-53 record. Going 63% against Vegas is pretty impressive.

Big E: 85-59 (4th place)

To our bye week list of games!

BYU (+7) at Boise State

Pick: BYU

The Cougars are struggling having lost 3 straight. They're just not the same team with injuries. That said, Boise State hasn't looked amazing this year and this is too many points for my liking.

No. 6 Oregon (-18) at California

Pick: Oregon

Oregon has gotten some guys back from injuries and looked back to their dominant ways in recent weeks. After this week Mariota should take a firm lead in the Heisman race. Check out his numbers, ridiculous.

Texas (+10) at No. 11 Kansas State

Pick: Kansas State

I'm just waiting and waiting for that one big win for Texas to help out Charlie Strong. I don't think it's happening this week. Sorry, Charlie.

Rutgers (+19.5) at No. 16 Nebraska

Pick: Rutgers

This will be Rutgers' first trip to Lincoln and the line shot up two points yesterday. Looks like some of those corn subsidy checks came in, but that's not fooling me. Nice try.

San Jose State (+9) at Navy

Pick: Navy

Our next opponent is coming off an easy win against VMI. I like the Middies to win somewhat comfortably at home as they get ready for the Irish.

No. 25 UCLA (-14) at Colorado

Pick: UCLA

A lot of people are jumping off the UCLA bandwagon. Smart move, however, this is still a pretty horrid Colorado football team and the Bruins should put up some points on them.

No. 22 West Virginia (+1) at Oklahoma State

Pick: West Virginia

My gut is telling me this is about the right time for West Virginia to fall out of the polls after they just entered. This line also makes me think Vegas really likes the Cowboys, too. I'm interested to see how the Holgo offense performs because I think they'll be productive and take care of this one as a small underdog.

Michigan (+17) at No. 8 Michigan State

Pick: Michigan State

1966 was the last time the Spartans were favored this much over Michigan. Would anyone be surprised with an absolute enormous blowout? Something like 45 to 10 wouldn't shock this guy.

No. 1 Mississippi State (-14) at Kentucky

Pick: Kentucky

I'm going to throw this out there. Kentucky might win this game outright. I'm going to regret saying that.

Texas Tech (+23) at No. 10 TCU

Pick: TCU

TCU has really been playing well on both sides of the ball. This looks like their best offense since the Andy Dalton era. They should be able to pile on the points and cover a fairly large spread.

Florida Atlantic (+28) at No. 23 Marshall

Pick: Marshall

I want to see Marshall finish 12-0 and see where the playoff committee ranks them at the end of the year.

No. 15 Arizona (-2.5) at Washington State

Pick: Arizona

Vegas respects the gloomy, damp, and depressing aura that emanates out of Pullman, Washington. Only heavy doses of the Rich Rod offense can overcome this sleepiness.

Syracuse (+14.5) at No. 21 Clemson

Pick: Syracuse

Clemson didn't exactly look great last week against Boston College. On the flip side, Syracuse has been decent in the past couple weeks if I'm being kind. Clemson's offense has been really rancid without Deshaun Watson.

No. 3 Ole Miss (-3.5) at No. 24 LSU

Pick: Ole Miss

This could be a look ahead spot for the Rebs (they have Auburn next week) but that probably won't apply when you're in Death Valley at night. They'll be ready. No way LSU's offense gets more than 13 points in this game.

No. 4 Alabama (-17) at Tennessee

Pick: Alabama

After last week I'd feel stupid if I didn't take the Tide against the Vols. They can't always play the A&M defense but Alabama is going to be putting together a nice little collection of victories to show the playoff committee.

South Carolina (+19) at No. 5 Auburn

Pick: South Carolina

I think there's an overreaction to South Carolina's 4-3 record here. I'm going to take the points and see how this one plays out. As I said above the Tigers may be looking ahead to a tougher came next week and be surprised that USCe isn't terrible.

No. 13 Ohio State (-14) at Penn State

Pick: Ohio State

Lock of the week. I'm comfortable throwing loads of money on this. Who's with me?

No. 20 USC (-1) at No. 19 Utah

Pick: USC

Utah has had a nice season so far. I just don't see them moving up into the upper echelon of the Pac-12 this year. The Trojans send them packing and out of the rankings on Saturday night.

No. 14 Arizona State (-3.5) at Washington

Pick: Arizona State

This line wasn't posted for a while as the news of Taylor Kelly's return hit the press. The Sun Devil offense should be able to shake off some of Kelly's rust and keep the UW front seven at bay with lots of short passes.