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Football Food: What's in Your Refrigerator?

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Our resident culinary experts are unavailable this week. So instead, we will discuss (most) everyone's favorite tailgate beverage--beer.

Football food is taking a bit of a break from food this week, instead focusing on liquid bread.  Or barley soda.  Or whatever you want to call that tailgate staple commonly referred to as beer.  

In honor of ndmspaint's trip to the Great American Beer Festival (and the fact that I can't hold a candle to his football food posts), we are going to spend some time talking about what beer you are drinking.  Or you want to drink.  I tried to get someone to document the preparation of cioppino with some sourdough in honor of Notre Dame's opponent this week, but alas it was too much to ask.  Instead, we will welcome the Stanford Fan to South Bend with a few choice cold ones.

What's in stock at my house

To be honest, I don't drink beer with any regular frequency.  I keep plenty on hand for company or when neighbors are wondering around and gravitate towards local/regional craft beers.  That being said, my current selection doesn't reflect those tastes.

Southern Tier Pumking

For those who don't already know, Southern Tier is based in New York state and Pumpking has a bit of a cult following.  I was surprised to see it at my local Costco a few weeks back, so I grabbed a few bottles.  Thinking back on it, I probably should have bought a couple more, along with a few others they had in stock (two that come to mind are Victory Golden Monkey and Chimay Grand Reserve--because I like to act classy from time to time).  If you like pumpkin beers, Pumpking is a must.

Labatt Blue

I keep this in stock for my father-in-law.  He enjoys Canadian Pilsners--likely because they live in the Detroit metro area.  Don't judge me because of this.

Samuel Adam's Octoberfest

I like a number of the Sam Adam's seasonal brews, and Octoberfest might be one of their finest.  I enjoy beers that are more on the malty side and stay away from hoppy beers.  Octoberfest is right up my alley, but I prefer it as a draft.  It really is a fine fall brew and I am sure you will find plenty of it at tailgates across the nation.

Michelob Ultra

I disavow any knowledge of how that got in there.  Wait, it was a left-over from our 4th of July party.  Pretend it isn't there...


I am probably overdue for a trip to the store in order to discover something new or different to try.  What are you enjoying currently?