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Wide Receiver DaVaris Daniels 'Done' at Notre Dame, Ishaq to Return in 2015?

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Daniels has not revealed much except that he will not be coming back to Notre Dame.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Early Tuesday afternoon Irish receiver DaVaris Daniels and his father Phillip Daniels took to Twitter to break the news about the suspended player's future. As the social media shows, Daniels is done at Notre Dame.

It is still unclear whether all five of the suspended players will finish this fall semester. Russell's comments last week made it seem as though a forfeit of this current semester would count towards his 2-semester suspension but according to multiple sources each of the players remains enrolled in school.

There were some reports last week that linebacker Kendall Moore has already headed home to North Carolina which would suggest he's done at Notre Dame, as well. As a graduate student he was in the easiest position to leave school with his undergraduate degree already in hand.

UPDATE: Kelly says Russell and Ishaq are not allowed to finish the semester.

In today's press conference, Irish head coach Brian Kelly told reporters that Ishaq Williams will not be playing this year and would like to return, a la KeiVarae Russell, to the team in 2015.

So it looks like we are slowly gaining some clarity with this situation and it is shaping up for Russell and Williams to be the only of the Marooned 5 to return to the football team. There is still no news on safety Eilar Hardy and his future with the school nor whether he'd be welcome back for a fifth year anyway.

The talented DaVaris Daniels leaves Notre Dame having caught 80 passes for 1,235 yards and 7 touchdowns over his career. His options for the future seem rather limited in relation to playing college football again so it seems likely that Daniels will enter the NFL Draft this spring and showcase his talents as a professional.

UPDATE: Daniels says he will not transfer to another school.

Good luck in the future, DaVaris.