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Five Wide: The Investigative Edition

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This week's Five Wide column features a sneak peak at Brian Kelly's Stanford week prep notes, captured via camera phone by a One Foot Down mole who has infiltrated the Gug.

Cunning personified.
Cunning personified.
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

One Foot Down's investigative arm has captured photographic evidence of Brian Kelly's personal Stanford week preparation notes.  Interestingly, Kelly's preparation focuses on 5 areas, such that they fit perfectly into our weekly Five Wide column format.  Specifically, Kelly appears somewhat conflicted on how he expects the Irish to fare on the ground this weekend:


Kelly is also apparently strategizing on how to continue providing non-informative updates on the status of the Frozen Five:


Kelly's thoughts then strayed from the specifically gridiron related to issues of a more sartorial bent:


Kelly also seemed excited about Under Armor's impending rollout of some new, Stanford-specific gear:


Finally, ever one for attention to detail, Kelly appears to be planning out this weekend's every detail, right down to the post game handshake and stadium atmosphere issues: