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Notre Dame Tight End Troy Niklas Declares Early for the NFL

Hercules becomes the third Irish junior to bolt for the league this week.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I was just trying to drum up some discussion on a podcast a while ago when I said Niklas might leave early for the NFL. I didn't really mean it.

Apparently, Troy does.

In the report from Sports Illustrated Troy's father said:

"He's going to the NFL. Lifelong dream to play in the NFL, that was part of it. He thought he was physically developed enough to make it happen."

The 6'7" mammoth athlete came to Notre Dame and saw some action in 2011 as a freshman outside linebacker. During his sophomore year he was moved to tight end and in 2013 became one of the stronger players at his position in the country.

Niklas made 20 tackles as a freshman and finishes his career at Notre Dame with 37 receptions, 573 yards, and 6 touchdowns.