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2013 Trick Shot Wednesday Playoffs: The Championship

Don't worry, everyone--this is one championship that Notre Dame's guaranteed to win.

Cam vs. Colonel > Cage vs. Travolta any day
Cam vs. Colonel > Cage vs. Travolta any day
Jonathan Daniel (Getty Images) and Tommy Gilligan (USA Today Sports)

So it has come down to this. After nearly a month of dominating performances and stunning upsets during which 4,453 votes (yep, count 'em) were cast by the OFD Commentariat, the original field of 32 TSW challengers has been narrowed down to the final pairing:


[click image for epic full-sized version]

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that would be (1) The Cam Rule and (3) Colonel found EG! These two TSW titans have spent the last several weeks leaving a trail of destruction strewn with would-be Cinderellas and high-seeded contenders. In last week's Final Four, each of these entries (which, by the way, were both created by OFD's own Queen of the Commentariat, fishoutofwater) garnered similar vote totals in trouncing their opponents. Their road to the TSW Championship can be seen here [click image for full]: Tsw-seeded-title1_medium

At this point, there is really nothing else to be said about these two opponents that hasn't already been said, but we'll try it nonetheless. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here are your final two contenders for the 2013 Trick Shot Wednesday Championship.


(1) The Cam Rule began the tournament as the overall #1 seed after emerging victorious from the TSW column that started the Internet sensation of Ridiculously Photogenic Cam McDaniel. In its Final Four matchup, TCR pounded massive underdog (21) Take and score by an 82-24 margin. The photo itself--which depicts Cam's epically nonplussed reaction to getting his helmet popped off on a run against USC--became a national sensation overnight, but fishoutofwater decided to take it up a few more notches by showcasing her wit. And in this case, her masterful pairing of a widely-derided rule ("any player who loses his helmet must leave the field for one play") with that smooth-as-all-get-out "Most Interesting Man in the World" vibe instantly rocketed this entry to the top of the Commentariat's favorites.


(3) Colonel found EG! At first glance, this man with the earsplitting roar might seem like just another nutty college football fan. However, like Cam's photo, there is far more to this fan than meets the eye--a fact that TSW powerhouse (2) The Snap Height found out the hard way last week via a surprisingly lopsided 84-52 thumping. As I discovered in the Finals Week Edition of TSW, this man (Colonel Daniel Ragsdale) is affectionately known as the "Crazy Colonel" by thousands of West Point cadets for his enthusiastic and tireless support of Army. Fine, so he's a super-energetic fan with legions of devoted followers. Those are a dime a dozen, aren't they? Well, maybe...but as (guess who) fishoutofwater showed us, only one of those fans found Notre Dame's prodigal quarterback and returned him to us safe and sound...and discovering a wayward star QB Who Shall Not Be Slept Upon (and spawning mass celebrations while doing so) is evidently the surest way to win the hearts of the OFD Commentariat.

So there you have it, everyone: the final matchup of the 2013 TSW Playoffs. Calm vs. Crazy. Unruffled Boy vs. Unbridled Joy. Cam vs. The Colonel. The choice is up to you--think carefully about which of these very deserving contenders is most worthy of your vote (singular!) for the 2013 Champion of Trick Shot Wednesday. Voting closes next Tuesday at noon, so be sure to cast your ballot before then! GO IRISH!

Due to our desire for a fair contest, we ask that voting be limited to registered OFD members ONLY. Thanks!