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Five Wide Fullbacks: The Parlay Payout Edition

It is the offseason (as you can tell by all the crazy news from the last 24 hours). Please come and distract yourself by talking about bets that never happened!

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Now that the 2013 season is officially over and in the books, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at a preseason 5WF post to see how the predictions went. If you recall way, way back in August of 2013, long before defensive lapses and injury bugs, before coordinators leaving for head coaching jobs and certain defensive ends declaring early for the draft, there was effusive praise and wide-eyed optimism. The Kool-Aid flowed like wine. Or water. Whatever. The OFD staff collectively put together 5 parlays on different prop bets for the season.

We were young and so very innocent back then. It is now time to collect or winnings on those bets-if there are any to speak of.

For reference, I will include my picks in parentheses.


Parlay #1: College Football at Large

O/U - Number of games played by Johnny Manziel: 9.5 (Over)

BCS National Champions: Alabama or the field (Field)

O/U on Notre Dame Regular season wins: 9.5 (Over)

Settling the Bet:

As we all know (thanks again, four letter network!), Mr. Manziel only missed a half of game this year due to suspension. YEA!!! I got the first part right!

What is that you say-Alabama didn't win the title? They DIDN'T EVEN PLAY FOR IT?!?

Two for two.

What was the third part of this bet again? Really? I took the over? To be fair, only 5 of the staff would have hit on this one. Congratulations to burgs-hope you are happy that you were right.

I guess I missed out on the first big payday.


Parlay #2: Notre Dame Quarterbacks

O/U Rees TD:INT ratio: 2:1 (Over)

More game snaps: Zaire or Hendrix (Hendrix)

Over/Under Snaps in the Wild Chocolate formation: 0.5 (Over)

Settling the Bet:

Tommy Rees threw 27 TD passes and 13 INTs. Looks like the over takes it again!

Malik Zaire preserved a year of eligibility and Andrew Hendrix had a few snaps that I can recall from somewhere deep in the recesses of my brain.

Two for two yet again! I am beginning to see a pattern here.

Unfortunately, the Wild Chocolate never saw the light of day this fall. It is a shame, especially since I said Nix would run it against BYU-a team he was not able to play against. I think this should be a push on the bet.

I am a loser on this one as well.


Parlay #3: Notre Dame Offense

Most receiving TD's: Carlisle, Robinson, Jones, Daniels, Hercules (Daniels)

More carries: GAIII or Bryant (GAIII)

More rushing TDs: Greg Bryant or QBs (QBs)

Settling the Bet:

As a review on the season, TJ Jones led the way with 70 catches for 1108 yds and 9 TDs. That is a pretty solid effort I must say. Daniels ended up with 7 TDs, Niklas 5 TDs, Robinson 1 TD and Carlisle did not score.

Looks like I am out of the running already.

George Atkinson III wins the carries award with 93 (to only 3 in an injury shortened debut season for Greg Bryant).

Andrew Hendrix notched 1 TD carry on the season (against Air Force).

Looks like I got 2 out of 3 right yet again. Yea for me???


Parlay #4: Notre Dame Defense

More Sacks: Stephon Tuitt or Prince Shembo? (Shembo)

Over/Under: Points per game allowed by the defense: 14.0 (Over)

Over/Under Number of rushing TDs combined by Navy and Air Force vs. ND: 2.5 (Under)

Settling the Bet:

Upon further review, Prince Shembo had 5.5 sacks on the season. Mr. Tuitt had 7.5. Thanks for playing.

Notre Dame allowed 22.4 points per game, but that figure would include two INTs returned for TDs (Oklahoma and Arizona State). Taking those into account, that means the defense allowed 21.3 pts/game-a full touchdown (and extra point) over the 14 ppg line.

The defense also allowed 1 rushing TD vs. Air Force, and 4 (gasp!) against Navy-5 rushing TDs to the academies total. I finally take an under and this is what it gets me?

I only got one of the three correct...sigh.


Parlay #5: Notre Dame Special Teams

O/U Fair catch to punt return TD ratio: 20:1 (Over)

O/U on longest field goal: 43 yards (Over)

O/U Total Punt Return Yardage: 75.5 (Over)

Settling the Bet:

Let's see-no punt returns for TDs. That would put the ratio what? The null set? Infinity? Where is MotS when you need some assistance on math?

Check on the first one.

Kyle Brindza also hit a 53 yd FG vs ASU in Dallas.


By my top-notch research efforts, I see that TJ Jones had 106 yards on punt returns.


That was an effort on special teams that even Punter Bro would be proud of...I think. How was my lane integrity? Did I plant correctly and rotate my hips?


I have no ideas what the odds were on hitting these, but I am not quite sure I would have broken even. I guess if I had to handicap the one I felt most comfortable with (after the fact, of course) it would have been special teams, followed by the ND offense bet.

What is the moral of this story? Gambling doesn't pay kids. Also, this was much more difficult to type with two broken thumbs.