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2013 TSW Playoffs: The Sweet Sixteen

Ring in the new year with another round of TSW madness!

Time for Round Two!
Time for Round Two!
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Happy New Year, folks! Odds are you're either looking back at the year that was or looking ahead to all the New Year's Day bowl matchups. In any case, it's time to say goodbye to 2013 and welcome 2014 with open arms. To help with that, our 2013 TSW Tournament has progressed from the First Round to the Sweet Sixteen, thanks to your guys' stellar voting efforts. After much hand-wringing and last-minute voting swings, here's how the Sweet Sixteen bracket turned out (matchup votes in parentheses):

Click here to view the entire 2013 TSW Playoff Hub, or scroll down for more selective matchup-clicking.

For the most part, each matchup stayed true to its respective seedings...with a few notable exceptions. (5) Defense Disco narrowly slipped by (28) I want my Pez!, and (4) Horrified OU Cheerleader actually tied with (29) 2 Stanford Fans! An objective third party was consulted and subsequently awarded the tie to (4) Horrified OU Cheerleader.


Unfortunately, not every highly-ranked entry was as lucky as those two. (12) Louey-Doo got stomped by (21) Take and Score 53-36, and the polarizing (26) Hey Gary... stunned (7) Got CBSSN? by a one-vote margin. Your Sweet Sixteen matchups for this week are as follows:

(1) The Cam Rule vs.
(17) The Cam Effect

(2) The Snap Height vs.
(18) Skyscraper Lunch

(3) Colonel found EG vs.
(14) Taco Grande

(4) Horrified Cheerleader vs.
(13) SOON

(5) Defense Disco vs.
(21) Take and Score

(6) Oregonian Shakespeare vs.
(11) Princess Occtipa

(8) Punterrific vs.
(9) Anti-gravity jump

(10) Blind spots vs.
(26) Hey Gary

Voting closes at noon on Tuesday, January 7th. Go Irish!