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OFD Podcast 10: Going Deep with Rees

Larz and Eric sit down to discuss the Irish performance against Michigan State, what the deal with the offense is, and how they feel about Oklahoma coming to town.

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In Episode 10...

  • Being surprised by a lot of the third down play-calling.
  • An odd game-plan and Rees' inaccuracy.
  • Questioning why the passing game didn't target the middle of the field.
  • The lack of an identity on offense and the struggles running the ball.
  • The frustrations watching the backs run the ball.
  • What the Irish should do differently on offense going forward.
  • The improved play of KeiVarae Russell & Carlo Calabrese.
  • Still searching for answers at safety & what the defense needs to step up in the coming weeks.
  • Taking the temperature of a matchup with the Oklahoma Sooners.