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OFD Podcast, Episode 7: Temple Review & the Looming Big House

Eric sits down with Larz & Paul to discuss the Temple game and preview the Saturday night game at Michigan.

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In Episode 7...

  • Larz & Paul discuss their overall thoughts on the performance against Temple.
  • Being very pleased with Rees' game.
  • The potential and frustration at running back.
  • Niklas' blocking and Temple taking away the middle of the field on the tight ends.
  • An impressive performance by the Irish receivers.
  • Happy with the new starters at the offensive line.
  • Scratching our head at the game played by Tuitt, Nix, and Day.
  • Will the play at middle linebacker improve?
  • Some concern at safety but still plenty of confidence with the corners.
  • Discussing the poor performance on special teams.
  • Praising TJ Jones at punt returner.
  • Containing Devin Gardner and a short Michigan preview.