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OFD Podcast 9: Answering Questions After West Lafayette

Joe & Eric sit down to discuss the problems plaguing the Irish after a less than stellar victory over Purdue.

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In Episode 9...

  • What the heck happened during the first half on Saturday night?
  • Purdue jumping plays and knowing what Notre Dame was doing on offense through formations.
  • The big drops hurting the offense early on.
  • Poor offensive line blocking.
  • Predictable play-calling.
  • Should Notre Dame throw the deep ball more?
  • The myriad of concerns on defense: poor tackling, lack of speed, and giving up the middle of the field.
  • Why the problems on offense are easier to fix.
  • The power ranking of the running backs.
  • Can Rees get any respect?
  • Trying to take some positives away from the close win.
  • The importance of the next 4 games and especially beating Michigan State.