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Hitting the Links: August 3rd, 2013

Just hitting the links.

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It begins
It begins


As always starting elsewhere and ending in South Bend.

The USA Today Coaches Poll hit this week. My very abbreviated two cents is below.

USA Today Coaches Poll | Sports | NCAAF

1. Bama: It's pretty much them and then everyone else until it isn't. We need Jerry Jones to throw pallets of money at Nick Saban.

2. tOSU: Urbz will likely ride the media love and easy schedule to the title game.

3. Oregon: New coach + never won a title. Okay, let's call them #3...

4. Stanford- The Cardinal will be tough.

5. Georgia- I would really like to see Richt knock off Bama and win the SEC this year. Sadly he will more than likely he will stay on the 1-2 loss train.

6. TaMU- Johnny Footbaw. The Ags won't stay in the Top 10 for long. Bama is going to run rule them next month.

7. South Carolina- Sell.

8. Clemson- Oh my. The only question is how long until they pull a Clemson?

9. Louisville- Charlie, Strong, Teddy Bridgewater, and an easy schedule will likely result in a return to the BCS.

10. Florida- Hmmm. This is probably about right.

11. Notre Dame- I think this is a fair starting point.

12. Florida State- Sure.

13. LSU- Leslie Freakin' Miles!

14. Okie Light- Why not?

15. Texas- Tim Riggins said it best "Texas forever." Until the inevitable Mack Brown CEO style results in 3 losses. I've got this at the top coaching search come Dec/Jan.

16. Oklahoma- Belldozer. Can he actually throw?

17. Michigan- I'm surprised that these guys are this low. We need them to be ranked higher to start the season.

18. Nebraska- Okay. I'm actually curious to see how Taylor Martinez plays this season.

19. Boise St.- The Broncs should return to the BCS conversation.

20. TCU- Sleeper.

21. UCLA- Sure.

22. Northwestern- Really?

23. Wisconsin- Ahhh, I see the B1G pattern now. Let's cram them all in here at the end.

24. USC- Wounded animal. Continue to treat as dangerous.

25. Oregon State- Just edged K State for the final spot. You can't treat a wraith like that.

Football Study hall compared the Coaches Poll to their projections. Needless to say it's a little different.

Comparing the 2013 preseason Coaches Poll to Football Outsiders projections - Football Study Hall

How does this compare to the rankings projected in the Football Outsiders Almanac 2013?

In case you stat geeks forgot Bill Connelly also has a book for sale.

Study Hall: College Football, Its Stats and Its Stories is now for sale - Football Study Hall

It is my pleasure to announce that my first book, Study Hall: College Football, Its Stats and Its Stories, is now for sale at and Later in August, it will be available as an eBook through Amazon as well.

So Phil Knight built Webfoot U a completely over the top "performance center." If you need your Murica' loves excess fix check out the photos.

Photo Gallery: Football Performance Center - - The University of Oregon Official Athletics Web Site

Dan Wetzel knows what's up.

Here is a pretty interesting piece on Hydro Graphics Inc. In case you forgot these are the guys that took the Notre Dame helmets to the next level of awesome.

Behind the scenes of college football's latest uniform craze - ESPN

Trendsetting programs like Oregon to staunch traditionalists like Notre Dame have one thing in common when it comes to uniforms: They both get their helmets painted by HGI, a graphics company that handles helmets for 70 high school, college and pro teams.

Here is some further evidence that the game could change significantly in the coming years. I hope that ND can win another title while they still wear pads and play tackle.

Legislation introduced in House to reform NCAA - ESPN

Lawmakers from Pennsylvania and Ohio introduced legislation in the House of Representatives that would require NCAA schools to guarantee four-year scholarships to athletes who play collision sports and due process for schools accused of breaking rules.

Need some more Johnny Drama? Manziel's self diagnosis is probably spot on. He is who he is. We will all find out how that works out for him soon enough.

Johnny Manziel to Sports Illustrated: ‘I’m not going to change who I am’ - Sports Update

"I’m adapting. I’m learning. I’m trying to learn from these mistakes. But I’m not going to change who I am because the media wants me to be this, this or this. I’m not going to do that. . . . You love me when I’m running around being dangerous and a loose cannon. What makes me special on the field is what people don’t like off the field. I’m still learning how to put that into perspective."

Remember this guy? If he's still in shape he might tear it up for Louisville this year.

BCS title game MVP Michael Dyer is enrolling at Louisville, will be eligible this season | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

Confirming rumors that were circulating earlier in the week, former Auburn tailback Michael Dyer will be enrolling at Louisville and is eligible to play this season. Dyer was the MVP of the 2010 BCS Championship Game, capping off a season where he rushed for 1,093 yards. The five-star recruit had a successful sophomore campaign, rushing for 1,242 yards and ten touchdowns, but he was released from scholarship following an undisclosed violation of team rules.

Urbz wants you to know that he's laying down the law these days. Dude is going to miss games against Buffalo, San Diego St. and Cal.

Ohio State’s Carlos Hyde sees charges dropped, still faces suspension from football team | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

Despite charges not being filed, Hyde is still getting punished by the Buckeyes’ football program. The university released the following statement from head coach Urban Meyer: "Carlos Hyde will be suspended for at least the first three games of the 2013 season for conduct not representative of this football program or this university. He will be required to fulfill additional obligations before he is allowed to play in a game."

Sandusky scandal costs PSU $48 million - College Football -

Most expensive assistant ever?

A university website on Friday showed a $47.7 million total as of the end of May, up $1.9 million from two months earlier. The amount covered legal fees, consulting work and other associated costs.

Photos of every really tacky field in a single article!

Running down the greatest non-traditional football field styles | Dr. Saturday

From the blog Dr. Saturday: Texas A&M-Commerce is in the midst of a total field redesign, and as you can see, the dominant element on their new field is a logo so gargantuan it runs sideline to sideline.

Hawaii fires offensive coordinator on eve of camp -

That's one way to start fall camp. Norm Chow didn't come here to play assistants.

Hawaii coach Norm Chow announced on Friday, just before the start of Hawaii's fall practice to prepare for the 2013 season, that offensive coordinator Aaron Price had been dismissed from the program. According to Chow "some issues have arisen" with the coach that was hired just this past February, and had been coaching the receivers while serving as offensive coordinator.

Notre Dame Could Face ACC Teams In Shamrock Series

Savvy Jack has to make this schedule work one way or another.

"I think you will see that a lot in the future, where we take a game that you would think of as a ‘regular’ game and take that game somewhere as part of the Shamrock Series," Notre Dame Director of Athletics Jack Swarbrick told the Tribune. "I can certainly anticipate future ACC opponents being opponents in a Shamrock Series game."

Much was discussed about Eddie V being cleared to play this week to include Murtaugh's piece right HERE. He linked Keith Arnold's piece in the comments but if you missed it you should hit the link below.

Vanderdoes saga ends, but not without some unanswered questions | Inside the Irish

After talking with people connected to UCLA, Notre Dame, and the Vanderdoes family, here is what I’ve cobbled together after chasing this story for weeks. If there is skepticism about an ill grandmother, it seems warranted. One source very close to the situation said that Vanderdoes asked for his initial release from Notre Dame well before ever mentioning any family reason or a sick relative.

Moving on. Here's a UHND piece on a stud defensive linemen that is still playing for Notre Dame.

Sheldon Day is ready for a prominent role for Notre Dame in 2013 | UHND

After playing in13 games as a true freshman but wearing down at the end of 2012, Sheldon Day is ready to fill big shoes on the Notre Dame defense in 2013.

Brian Kelly kicked off fall camp with a presser yesterday and our conversation can be found at the link below. There is also a link to the full transcript in that post.

Coach Brian Kelly's Fall Camp Press Conference - One Foot Down

This happened last night. We will have more on Yeargin shortly.

Football season is here people. Hit the home page to get caught up before practices start and the real football conversation heats up in earnest. Have a great weekend!