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OFD Podcast, Episode 6: The 2013 Season Preview

Joe & Eric sit down with new OFD writer Paul Rigney to discuss the 2013 schedule, the Temple Owls, and the Irish at each position before Brian Kelly's fourth season.

Mike Ehrmann


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In Episode 6:

  • Sorting through the weakest teams on the schedule.
  • BYU being the 'toughest' of the 'easiest' games.
  • Ranking the teams Notre Dame is a slight favorite against.
  • How many points is playing at the Big House worth for Michigan?
  • The Stanford offense and how the Cardinal schedule will drop the spread by game 12.
  • A short preview of the Temple roster.
  • Will the Owls be the easiest game on the season?
  • The lack of potential at quarterback with Rees.
  • Very positive trend lines at running back.
  • The best offensive line of the Kelly era?
  • Cautiously optimistic about the tight end corps.
  • Not much to worry about with the Irish receivers.
  • The worry about lack of depth at defensive line.
  • Concerns at the linebacker position outside of Prince Shembo & Ishaq Williams.
  • Sorting through the potential at safety in a strong defensive backfield.
  • Opinions on the punting game and special teams in general.