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Five Wide Fullbacks: The Parlay Edition

Five Wide Fullbacks returns this week for a look at some fictional prop bets on the upcoming football season.

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Parlay? Parley?

POTC - Parley (via xTaintedxTearsx)

We didn't come here to play PIRATES.

Discussing prop bets has been a popular item to discuss as the season approaches. We at OFD thought it would be fun to come up with a few of our own-in parlay form. Each "bet" is a trifecta. Not that anyone is going to keep track, but it will be fun nonetheless.


Parlay #1: College Football at Large

Over/Under - Number of games played by Johnny Manziel: 9.5

BCS National Champions: Alabama or the field

Over/Under on Notre Dame Regular season wins: 9.5

I will take the over on Manziel-it is in the best interest of the moneymakers to keep him on the field. I would wager that TAMU gets a nice little letter from the NCAA at some point lining out the loss of a few scholarships and postseason eligibility though.

I take the field-it is just too difficult for a team to win three straight titles. They might be the best team out there, but it isn't often that the preseason favorite wins it all.

I think we covered this thoroughly last week, but I take the over with 10 wins. As a side note, OFD earned a couple hundred hits from a certain rival blog that covers the Week 2 opponent-needless to say, their commenters think that we are all delusional.


Parlay #2: Notre Dame Quarterbacks

Over/Under Rees TD:INT ratio: 2:1

More game snaps: Zaire or Hendrix

Over/Under Snaps in the Wild Chocolate formation: 0.5

I will take the over-and a way over on the Rees TD:INT ratio. I think Rees will turn in a fine season, if unspectacular in a many ways in the eyes of many Irish fans.

I will also take Hendrix in the snap count for the season. As camp comes to a close, it appears that the staff intends to use Hendrix in specific packages throughout the year. Zaire may see some action this fall-but only sparingly when the game is no longer in doubt.

I will also take the over on the number of Wild Chocolate formations we see. I think BK could break that out once, if only against BYU for the final home game for the senior class.


Parlay #3: Notre Dame Offense

Most receiving TD's: Carlisle, Robinson, Jones, Daniels, Hercules

More carries: GAIII or Bryant

More rushing TDs: Greg Bryant or QBs

I am going to go with Daniels getting the most TD grabs this fall. Jones will likely lead the team in catches and yards, but may not get as many looks in the red zone.

In the more carry category, I will go with GAIII. He isn't getting any love from the fans (but is from Larz) currently, but the offensive staff has tweaked the play calling to suit the players. I don't see any changes in that department this fall (hence the pistol looks in practice footage). This one could end up being close though, depending on the development of Greg Bryant.

I take the QBs here, largely because of two factors. First, Tommy Rees did score the only touchdown of the Michigan game last fall with his legs. I expect a couple repeat performances in 2013. Secondly, Hendrix will likely see the majority of his snaps in red zone packages running option/zone read/designed keepers.


Parlay #4: Notre Dame Defense

More Sacks: Stephon Tuitt or Prince Shembo?

Over/Under: Points per game allowed by the defense: 14.0

Over/Under Number of rushing TDs combined by Navy and Air Force vs. ND: 2.5

Call me crazy, but I see Shembo getting a few more sacks this fall. Tuitt and Nix will get most of the attention from opposing coaching staffs, leaving Shembo in 1-on-1 situations with tackles or-gasp-tight ends. Plus, I am pretty sure that he is still looking for his bicycle seat.

I will take the over on the points allowed-but only just barely.

The last one was brought up by burger23. He also pointed out that since the 2010 Navy game, ND has given up 3 rushing TDs in 4 games against military academies. Based on that top notch research, I have to take the under.


Parlay #5: Notre Dame Special Teams

Over/Under Fair catch to punt return TD ratio: 20

Over/Under on longest field goal: 43 yards

Over/Under Total Punt Return Yardage: 75.5

I have to take the under on the first one. Even with increased risk-taking on special teams, I don't see a punt return for a TD in the books. Improvement? Sure. Let's not get greedy though.

I will take the over on longest FG made as well. Both Tausch and Brindza have plenty of leg to hit from much further than that.

I will also take the over on the total punt return yardage. That last one was a Murtaugh suggestion. As you might recall, he did a little research on the subject over the summer.