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Hitting the Links: July 24th, 2013

Just hitting the links.



Say goodbye to the crystal football; BCS symbol will not be retained -

College Football Playoff officials will not retain the iconic crystal trophy to present to the national champion beginning next season, CFP executive director Bill Hancock told "We're going to have a new trophy," Hancock said.

NCAA breakup? SEC, Big 12, ACC commissioners all call for major changes -

Everyone agrees, it seems: big NCAA reforms must happen. Three power-conference commissioners are hinting that enough is enough.

Both the ACC and Big XII held Media Days this week. First up a link to the master SBN ACC Media Days hub.

2013 ACC Football Kickoff coverage: Media days news and more, live from Greensboro -

Tajh Boyd and the Tigers headline the preseason ACC picks. Is Clemson for real?

Clemson, Miami picked to battle for ACC; Tajh Boyd preseason player of 2013 -

Link to the master SBN Big XII hub is next.

2013 Big 12 Football Media Days coverage: Updates live from Dallas -

Chuck Weis sighting. Some things never change...

College football: Weis tells it like it is in recruiting - South Bend Tribune: Football

Mere seconds into his news conference Monday at Big 12 Conference Media Days, Kansas coach Charlie Weis embarked on remarks that were construed as offensive. And that was just to Jayhawk fans. "Well, we were 1-11 (in 2012) and picked by everybody to finish last in the league (this season), and that’s justifiable," he said. "If I were you, I’d pick us in the same spot. We’ve given you no evidence or no reason to be picked anywhere other than that."

Holgo is always good for a quote or two.

Dana Holgorsen on SEC hurry-up offense fear: 'Get over it' -

Well how about that? A Red Bull-sippin', devil-may-care offensive football coach thinks people need to get over their fear of the hurry-up.

Clowney and Jay Z huh.

Report: South Carolina investigating Jadeveon Clowney, Jay-Z contact | Campus Union -

Clowney posted an article discussing the news on his Instagram account, which included a sentence saying, "You kno [sic] we about to turn up. Dream coming true." Clowney later deleted the post.

The next two "stories" went away almost as fast as they flared up.

Ohio State suspends Carlos Hyde, 2 freshmen after incidents -

Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde and two incoming signees have been suspended, Urban Meyer announced Monday.

Yahoo!: Dance club video shows Ohio State's Carlos Hyde didn't strike alleged victim - Land-Grant Holy Land

After reports for the better part of Saturday and Sunday suggested that Buckeyes tailback Carlos Hyde was guilty (in the court of public opinion, anyways) of an accused assault, said to have taken place around 1:30 a.m. at the Sugar Bar 2 in downtown Columbus, Yahoo!'s intrepid Charles Robinson has emerged from slumber to reveal that sources are saying a surveillance tape of interest potentially clears the back.

Florida linebacker arrested for barking at a police dog at 4:15 a.m. | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

Last night Morrison, 19, was arrested for barking at a police dog. For real. That's a thing.

State drops charges of Florida Gators LB Antonio Morrison - ESPN

The state attorney's office has dismissed charges against Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison, who was arrested early Sunday morning after allegedly barking at a police dog and resisting arrest.

Okay back to talking about actual football.

Countdown to Study Hall: The effect of three-and-outs - Football Study Hall

Yesterday, we took a look at data related to the ability to finish drives. Another part of the same chapter in Study Hall deals with three-and-outs and their impact on both the field position battle and a given game as a whole.

We put this up as a FanShot a couple of days ago. Interesting? Yes. Painful? Also yes.

Translating Nick Saban: Three Plays from the BCS Championship | Smart Football

Nick Saban did the full ESPN car wash today, and ESPN, to their credit, fit in a brief bit of actual football talk as they looked at three plays from the BCS Championship game against Notre Dame.

Louis Nix Weightlifting At Sam’s Club | Notre Dame Football Blog

Glen Forshee just went to buy a pool at Sam’s Club for his grandkids party, he never expected what happened next…

Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy: Punter & Kicker - Her Loyal Sons

In this installment of Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy, I get to look at the punters and kickers. Boring? Hardly. Remember Purdue or Pitt or Stanford? Those W’s don’t happen without the physics of foot meeting ball meeting air meeting wind meeting rain.

The Tommy Rees (Re)Transition - An Insider's Take From Evan Sharpley

The week after Everett Golson's 2013 expulsion/suspension was confirmed I was fortunate enough to discuss what the aftermath might be with not one, but two former Notre Dame quarterbacks - Matt Mulvey & Evan Sharpley.

Freshman Focus: Max Redfield | Inside the Irish

If you're looking for one of the perks of an undefeated regular season, Max Redfield is it. The former USC commitment, one of the top safeties in the country, chose Notre Dame at the Under Armor All-American game, picking the Irish at a time where ND fans usually only bemoan the recruit that got away.

Lindys Sports | 2013 In The Huddle - Notre Dame

This Lindy's preseason magazine was largely put together by the same crew that used to do the Maple Street Press version.

Enjoy the rest of the week!