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OFD Podcast, Episode 5: Fall Camp Preview

Joe sits down with Simon & Eric to discuss the positional battles throughout the roster heading into fall camp in August.

Jonathan Daniel


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In Episode 5...

  • Defining the role of Andrew Hendrix.
  • Zaire's redshirt & a future with an injury to Rees.
  • Moving forward with Rees as the guy & his leadership ability.
  • Carlisle and the direction of the slot receiver in the Kelly offense.
  • Depth at running back and carries being spread around to a few players.
  • Sorting the tight end situation and their role now that Eifert is in the NFL.
  • Is Chris Brown ready to be the third outside receiver?
  • Feeling good about the top two receivers returning from a 12-1 team.
  • Corey Robinson's big spring and his chances to play as a freshman.
  • Putting focus on Hanratty and Stanley this August on the offensive line.
  • Measuring depth on the defensive line.
  • Is Ishaq Williams this year's Theo Riddick?
  • Where is Jaylon Smith going to play?
  • Sorting through the new-found depth in the secondary.
  • Predicting the punter and punt returner.
  • What we're going to watch for most during fall practice.

One Foot Down does not condone illegal sports betting and regrets that they skipped over a bunch of talk on the linebackers and a certain Werewolf.