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Hitting the Links: July 20th, 2013

Just hitting the links.

Nice work on Jack Hoffman Bo
Nice work on Jack Hoffman Bo


Let's do this.

Fans of the EA Sports NCAA Football video game series had a short scare this week. Everyone can relax for the time being. It doesn't appear that the franchise in jeopardy of returning to "South Bend vs. Los Angeles" anytime soon.

O'Bannon vs. the NCAA: 6 current football players added as plaintiffs -

Six players who are in the games are now in the game. The NCAA and EA Sports now have to battle over player likenesses with current players, but why were these players chosen?

NCAA dropping EA Sports tie amid ongoing Ed O'Bannon lawsuit -

The NCAA will let its contract with the video game maker expire next summer. Is it bracing for the worst?

How EA Sports can still make a college football video game without the NCAA -

The NCAA's EA Sports announcement is significant as far as the future of college sports goes. But it doesn't stop any video game from being made.

Collegiate Licensing Company confirms new college football deal with EA | Polygon

According to the CLC, the new contract with EA will take effect next July and run for three years. It gives EA the rights to use "more than 150 colleges, conferences and bowl games" in its college football video game series, said a representative for the CLC in an email to Polygon, confirming a Joystiq report from earlier today.

So the ESPY's happened this week. I'm not an ESPY guy but this was pretty cool.

Nebraska fan Jack Hoffman has a big night at the ESPYs | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

Hoffman even got a pretty nice souvenir to take home with him from Los Angeles: the ESPY trophy for Best Moment.

Also ESPY related Jadeveon Clowney posted this photo of Steve Spurrier to his Instagram. This photo is perfect in so many ways.

South Carolina's SEC Media Days In One Image - Garnet And Black Attack

This is our year! Interesting take from FSH.

Your team is going to improve drastically this year - Football Study Hall

Let's look at some of the more drastic changes in recent college football history. I looked at every team from 2007 to 2012 to see how much things can change from one year to the next in a few key categories:

This could make for some interesting discussion once the season gets going.

Gus Malzahn rips no-huddle slowdown; Bielema responds -

Auburn's Gus Malzahn took his opportunity at the SEC media days podium on Wednesday to blast the contention from coaches like Nick Saban and Bret Bielema that up-tempo offenses like his could lead to more player injuries, saying he thought the suggestion was "a joke."

The following is submitted without comment.

Bill O’Brien wants NCAA to meet Penn State halfway on sanctions | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

With the restrictions currently in place, Penn State will not be eligible for postseason play (which includes the Big Ten Championship Game and any bowls) until the 2016 season. They are also working under scholarship reductions, as they are allowed to offer only 15 per year (as opposed to the usual 25) and must maintain a roster of just 65 scholarship players (as opposed to 85) between 2014 and 2017. 2018 will be the first year the Nittany Lions will be able to offer 25 scholarships and play with a full roster of 85.

Western Kentucky unveils new football uniforms -

Wow, how original. I'm pretty much over the whole uni watch thing. On that note aren't we due for ND to start rolling out the whole "swatch watch" thing for the Shamrock Series game again?

What does the future of college football look like? Here are a couple of interesting discussions on why the game may not even survive.

Why College Football Will Be Dead Within 20 Years - Corn Nation

Some people, like Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, predict that in as little as 15 years half of the colleges in the United States will be in bankruptcy, upended by online learning and the move to hybrid models in which only select classes are taught in person on campus. Others see more incremental shifts, with virtual learning remaining a tool rather than a transformative technology in higher education.

Concussion suit against NCAA seeks class-action status - ESPN

Attorneys suing the NCAA over its handling of head injuries asked a federal judge Friday to let them expand the lawsuit nationwide to include thousands of plaintiffs in a case they contend could change college sports forever.

Naked guys running amok!

FIU issues the greatest press release of all time -

Following the workout, some of our athletes went to rinse off at a designated public shower area and a few of them made a poor decision and changed their clothes in public.

For those of you that haven't had enough SEC Media Days coverage here is your link. All of the Johnny Football stories anyone could ever ask for with a single click.

2013 SEC Media Days coverage: Updates, schedules, and probably some jokes -

On that note I think Scipio Tex nailed it with this piece on the embattled Manziel. If you don't click on any other links in this post you should check this one out.

This One Time, At Manning Camp... - Barking Carnival

The question isn't whether Johnny Manziel is going to self-implode into a glorious supernova that will make Charles Thompson, Ryan Leaf, Billy Cannon, and Art Schlichter (pick your generation and point of sunburst) golf clap for its brightness, but when.

ACC agrees to seven bowl deals - ESPN

The Atlantic Coast Conference announced Thursday partnerships with seven bowl games which will be effective for the six years of postseason play following the 2014 through 2019 seasons.

I think we have this deciphered below. Feel free to jump in the comments if you have a better/ different interpretation.

1. Playoff (It is what it is)
2. Orange Bowl (ND can only get the ACC spot when the Orange Bowl hosts a semi-final?)

3. Capital One Bowl vs. SEC (Only if the Orange is Big 10 vs. ACC)
4. Russell Athletic Bowl vs. Big 12 (3rd pick if the Orange Bowl is not Big Ten vs. ACC)

Spots 5-8 are "shared" with no specific order of selection.

5. Belk Bowl vs. SEC
6. Gator/Music City vs. SEC
7. Pinstripe vs. Big Ten
8. Sun vs. Big 12

The tail end charlies.

9. Detroit Bowl vs. Big Ten
10. Military Bowl vs. AAC

Notre Dame Athletics posted a great video on Joe Schmidt this week.

Our monsters in the middle of the defense Louis Nix III and Stephon Tuitt are getting a fair amount of preseason attention. I LOVE that these two guys anchor the Irish Defensive line.

Notre Dame football: Irish duo earning attention - South Bend Tribune: Football

The rush of preseason college football watch lists continued on Friday, and, like a number of previous lists released over the last two weeks, the Walter Camp Player of the Year Award list included a couple of familiar names — Notre Dame defensive stalwarts Louis Nix and Stephon Tuitt.

Over at Inside the Irish Keith Arnold finished up his "Counting Down the Irish" series. 4pointshooter was the OFD rep for this year. You can expect a post on his votes and thought process in the next couple of days.

Counting down the Irish: 15-11 | Inside the Irish

If the first five members of this list represented talented newcomers and untapped potential, the next five members of this group is filled with veterans ready to step into the spotlight.

Counting down the Irish: 10-6 | Inside the Irish

Looking at the first fifteen names we've revealed, one pretty clear trend seemed to be emerging. The strength of this team's depth was on defense. Ten of the players we've already rolled out will be defensive contributors.

Counting down the Irish: The top five | Inside the Irish

For the past few years, the Irish haven't been shy on leading men. Since we began this exercise before the 2010 season, there has always been a dynamic duo at the top of the Irish roster.

Historical post from UHND!

Notre Dame's 1947 National Championship - Notre Dame Football History

Were the 1947 Fighting Irish the greatest Notre Dame football team ever? History suggests they just might be. Read about the dominance of Leahy's Lads.

Over at SD Herringbone jumped back into the mix.

2013 Notre Dame Football's Awakening Begins - Subway Domer

The time has come to start posting, getting some research in and most importantly to me - trying to get stuff out there that you can't find on other sites. This is my favorite challenge as the ND blogosphere features as many diverse outlets for information and content as any sports team on the planet.

ND Nation " Irish Preseason Primer

It’s the time of year when every college football publication provides team summaries and predictions for the upcoming season. Some are informed and insightful but most barely scratch the surface. If I were to write one of these blurbs for Notre Dame, I would try to include a few details on the new faces for 2013 and what we might expect from them. It would look something like this:

We started picking the pace back up around here this week so if you missed anything hit our homepage and get caught up. Enjoy the weekend!