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Hitting the Links: July 13th, 2013

Just hitting the links.

This is for my new homies in Knoxville
This is for my new homies in Knoxville


Fresh off of another vacation move across Murica' I'm back in the mix. I really need to stop bouncing back and forth between the left and right coast! As always it was an adventure tearing across the country, eating good food and taking in small samples of assorted American culture.

Tennessee trumped my home state of Texas for the most friendly people experience on this go around. A couple of Grizzly Adams looking dudes in overalls, camo hats and big beards jumped in and helped yours truly swap out an alternator in an AutoZone parking lot on the outskirts of Knoxville. As a result we were able to stay on timeline and get to Dee See on schedule. I owe those guys a Go Vawls!

Now that the the boxes are mostly unpacked I can get back to some college football. I figured the best way to get snapped back in around here was to knock out a links post that we could all kick around over the weekend. As per usual I'll be starting elsewhere and ending in South Bend.

It's watch list season! I personally think watch lists in general are relatively useless but they do mean that football season is right around the corner. For those of you that are interested all of the lists are at the link below.

2013 college football preseason watch lists now arriving daily here -

You should watch every college football player. But if you can't here are the ones the big awards think you should watch.

Texas' 2013 prospects; potential surprise teams; more Mailbag - College Football - Stewart Mandel -

Texas is one of the more intriguing teams heading into the 2013 season. I'm with Mandel in not quite believing the hype.

I'm with Mandel on this one. I'm not buying the hype on Texas. I think Mack Brown jumped the shark at the exact second Vince Young crossed the goal line to beat USC in the 2005 BCS Championship Game. The Texas coaching search is high on my list of predicted biggest college football stories for January 2014.

Nick Saban, Urban Meyer top list of best college football coaches - College Football - Stewart Mandel -

Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Chris Petersen rank among the 10 best coaches in college football; Lane Kiffin, Charlie Weis, Kirk Ferentz rank among the five worst.

Chuck Weis! The Iowa contingent took the Kirk Ferentz bit pretty hard.

Hernandez Among Many Who Found Trouble at Florida in the Meyer Years -

There have been dozens of arrests of members of the Gator football teams coached from 2005 to 2010 by Urban Meyer.

Didn't everybody know this when Urbz was still in Gainesville?

Which championship contenders have the easiest, hardest schedules? | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

Not all schedules are created equally. Due to the combination of non-conference games set far in advance and the quirks of conference draws from year to year, some championship contenders have easier paths to Pasadena and the BCS title game than others.

Notice that Notre Dame isn't one of the "contenders" this year...

NCAA Football 14' hit the shelves and college football fans everywhere are nursing sore thumbs. Fans of this game might want to make extra sure that they buy this installment just in case the O'Bannon case breaks the wrong way and we all have to say goodbye to the likeness 8 Bit Tommy Rees.

The NCAA Football 14 megasim: Simulating 2013 10 times over -

Notre Dame came out with 4 BCS appearances and one National Title win over Texas. Who knows maybe Texas really will be that good. Then again maybe Notre Dame will be too. Viva La Rees! I am slowly convincing myself that Rees is going to lead the Irish to an amazing season this fall and walk off the field in the Rose Bowl giving all of us the foreign hand signal for leave me be!

Now back to that whole O'Bannon thing.

Mizzou lineman wonders why he has to pay for "NCAA Football 2014″ | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

Missouri defensive lineman Lucas Vincent, like scores of other college students, is interested in a copy of the game and posed a very fair question: Should he maybe get a free copy since he's, you know, in the game?

I'm a little freaked out by this next one. Bronies are apparently a real thing. I always thought that was jokes!

If Big 12 Member Institutions Were My Little Pony Characters - Frogs O' War

The offseason is the perfect time for comparing your conferences teams to things, and sadly everyone and their mother has already done the Game of Thrones lists. So here we go with the next best thing! Or at least... something else.

This two part piece on "Prospect Theory" really got me thinking about "8 Bit" Tommy Rees (that's his nickname around here now right?) and the type of attack that Chuck Martin might throw at opposing defenses this ball. Is it a total foregone conclusion that we are going to see conservative Chuck & BK running the football, eating clock and winning with defense? Or will they shock all of us and cut Tommy loose? I can already hear Bon Jovi's "Blaze of Glory" playing in the background of Tommy's 2013 highlight reel.

Prospect Theory and football (Part 1) - Football Study Hall

When coaches weigh the potential positives and negatives of their first down play-calling, we see that they choose running nearly three out of every five times. So even though passing has a higher yards-per-attempt average (7.8) than running (5.2), coaches are electing to run rather than pass.

Prospect Theory and football (Part 2): An example of risk aversion in offensive play calling - Football Study Hall

The other reason, the primary reason, for this overall reliance on running is risk aversion. Risk aversion is a critical part of Prospect Theory, and states that most of what we do is done not because of the benefits we may receive but because we’re trying to reduce our exposure to risk.

Talking football (and Buffett) with June Jones and Hal Mumme -

Is it just me or did Hal Mumme totally bounce back from the dead after Mike Leach made the Airraid famous at Tejas Tech? Before that Mumme was just some pass happy dude that got Kentucky hammered with NCAA sanctions. Despite the checkered past he really is a pretty interesting guy.

SMU's offense is now run by two of the most innovative minds in the history of football: June Jones and Hal Mumme. In this conversation they discuss, among other things, the evolution of their offenses, the evolution of Texas high school football and Jimmy Buffett.

MOAR X's and O's stuff!

Mark Richt’s Georgia Bulldogs Top Passing Concepts (Shallow, Stick, Sail/Flood) With All-22 Film | Smart Football

Very interesting clips showing Mark Richt’s Georgia Bulldogs’ top passing concepts, with all-22 game film; specifically his shallow cross series and the stick and sail/flood concepts.

Report: Georgia won't run a Heisman campaign for Aaron Murray -

The school's associate athletics director for communications, Claude Felton, believes such methods are outdated.

What? No Joey Harrington style billboards? Sad. Speaking of Webfoot U...

Can Mark Helfrich fill Chip Kelly's big shoes? - Grantland

Mark Helfrich tries to fill Chip Kelly's flippers.

Ex-Florida State star Menelik Watson receives ring that say "2012 SEC Champions" | Campus Union -

The school issued former FSU and current Oakland Raiders offensive lineman Menelik Watson a ring that reads "2012 SEC Champions." Watson tweeted a photo of the ring on Wednesday.

Larry Scott, Pac-12 consider eventually hosting football games in China | Campus Union -

In an interview on Wednesday with the Pac-12 Networks’ Bryan Fischer, Scott hinted that his league could expand the conference’s globalization efforts as far away as China:

When you "hint" at things and they turn into news stories you have achieved baller status. Amirite?

Big Ten releases 2016, 2017 schedules -

In 2016, the Big Ten will begin playing a nine-game conference schedule.

The B1G just might inbreed itself into oblivion. I know guys let's play 9 against each other and 3 against MAC teams! Whatever. It looks like Michigan State and Purdue will still be available to play Notre Dame though.

YES to air ACC football, basketball games - Yahoo! Sports

The YES Network, the Yankees' cable channel, will televise up to 10 Atlantic Coast Conference football games and as many as 23 ACC men's basketball games this season.

I have to assume that in the early stages these are going to be Maryland vs. Wake Forest type games. Every year we get a little bit closer to every single game being on TV.

Now back to South Bend!

This first one got some people riled up. "For the love of Pete he shouldn't be talking about this!!!" It sounded to me like EG got cornered and recited his previously coached talking points. This is a non-story but I'll link it just in case you don't know what I'm talking about.

Everett Golson says he will return to Notre Dame Fighting Irish in spring - ESPN

Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson will return to the Fighting Irish in the spring, he said Saturday.

One non-story leads to more non-stories.

Notre Dame football: No shortage of interest from QBs - South Bend Tribune: Recruiting

On Wednesday, former Texas QB Connor Brewer became the latest. The Arizona Republic reported that Brewer, a Scottsdale, Ariz., native transferring from Texas after a redshirt freshman season, has heard from a number of schools including Notre Dame.

I just can't see Brewer ending up in South Bend. I would bet "his people" told him to toss Notre Dame in there. Doesn't it seem like every recruit in the country is "considering Notre Dame" at this point?

I linked the master SBN watch list tracker above but Keith Arnold examined said watch lists through blue and gold glasses.

Irish defenders cover the watch lists | Inside the Irish

If preseason accolades are any indication, don’t expect the Notre Dame defense to take a step backwards this season.

Keith also has a nice series going about the incoming freshmen.

Freshman Focus: Jacob Matuska | Inside the Irish

One of the earliest members of the ’13 recruiting class, Jacob Matuska fits the profile that Brian Kelly and his staff target perfectlUHND is t

Restocking the Trenches - A Look At Notre Dame's DL Recruiting | UHND

Give us all of the trenches. All of them!

In order for Notre Dame to maintain the level of success they have given fans a taste of, the Irish will have to continue to recruit strong along the DL.

Mira, ND Tex ran an NCAA 14' simulation of his own!

Friday Roundup: The "NCAA '14 Simulation" Edition - Her Loyal Sons

If you remember, last year’s simulation actually turned out to be quite accurate from the Notre Dame perspective. While the Irish didn’t go undefated the end result was the same: a title game berth and ND having the doors completely blown off of them.

SD being SD.

The Art Of Surviving The College Football Offseason | Subway Domer

July- Heartache sets in. You've read every single preseason magazine and you think you're ready.

You know what has been going on around here so I won't link the stuff that the OFD staff has been cranking out in my absence. They do what they do and you know what to expect at this point. If you managed to get behind hit our home page and get caught up. If nothing else you owe it to yourself to check out Murtaugh's "1924" series.

Hang in there, it's almost time for fall camp. Have a great weekend!