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OFD Podcast, Episode 4: July Big Board Accompaniment

Eric recaps the recent verbals and movement on the recruiting Big Board, does a numbers crunch with the 2014 scholarships, and talks about new content coming up on the site.

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In Episode 4...

  • Recapping some of the missed verbals in the month of June.
  • Discussing the movement from Cold, Mild, and Hot for prospects on the Big Board.
  • Call Jonathan Bonner incorrectly "Booker" on more than one occasion.
  • Wrapping things up at quarterback and running back.
  • Awaiting the verbals of WR's Holmes and McKenzie and questioning if a 4th receiver will be taken.
  • Debating the possible addition of Tyler Luatua and how he fits the numbers better as a linebacker.
  • Braden Smith or bust at offensive line---or sticking with 4 linemen this cycle.
  • How adding Blankenship means the staff is after 5 total defensive linemen for 2014.
  • Sorting things out at linebacker and Yeargin's versatility.
  • Which position gets shorted with the addition of a special teams scholarship?
  • Waiting to get a look at Folston, Onwualu, and Bivin during fall camp.
  • Short preview of some new content coming up on One Foot Down.