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OFD Podcast, Episode 3: Golson, Vanderdoes, & ROI

Irish Envy moderator Whiskeyjack joins the podcast to discuss the recent string of bad news and Football Return on Investment.



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In Episode 3...

  • The importance and disappointment of losing Golson for 2013.
  • How fans are taking the loss of Golson and his possible return in January.
  • The prospects of Golson making it back on the team.
  • The odds on Rees starting against Temple.
  • How the offense could change with Rees & fears of his lack of athleticism.
  • Will the light turn on for Andrew Hendrix? His chances at a 5th year in 2014?
  • Getting Zaire's feet wet.
  • On how many quarterback to take this cycle.
  • Analyzing the defensive line in 2014 without Vanderdoes and the numbers needed there.
  • Moving offensive linemen and wondering who is playing nose guard after Nix leaves?
  • The possibility of Jarron Jones making an impact this fall.
  • Pondering a shift to the 4-3 defense.
  • Figuring out what the plan is at linebacker.
  • Defining Return on Investment: The history behind creating this academic measurement.
  • Comparing "good" academic schools: Notre Dame vs. UCLA
  • Notre Dame's major recruiting rivals through the degree value lens.
  • Stanford, Vanderbilt, keeping elite recruits, and offering top notch football and academics.


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