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Hitting the Links: May 29th, 2013

Just hitting the links.

Wait, we already have a new quarterback!
Wait, we already have a new quarterback!
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports


How is everyone doing? At this point I suppose we should all be accustomed to the drama. As always, a big tip of the hat to the entire community here at OFD. As per usual you maintained a rational conversation. Nicely done.

Now before we get into all things related to the Notre Dame quarterback situation let's take a quick spin around the rest of the country.

Wi-Fi people! Wasn't Jack Swarbrick just saying something about this?

SEC explores ways to keep attendance high, including $2 million per stadium to improve Wi-Fi | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

Every sport is dealing with the issue of people deciding to stay at home and watch a game rather than deal with going to the stadium. Part of it is their own fault.

Georgia's Josh Harvey-Clemons suspended vs. Clemson -

The Bulldogs will once again be starting the season with a player suspended, as Josh Harvey-Clemons will miss the Clemson game due to a marijuana incident.

Here's a little something interesting that you may not have heard about.

College Football and the 2013 North American Society for Sport History Conference - Football Study Hall

Two relatively recent incidents are subject of papers this year. One examines at the decision by ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit to leave Ohio due to harassment by Buckeye fans for comments made in the wake of Jim Tressel's departure. Another paper provides one of the first scholarly examinations of the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State.

Good times at Rutgers. At least they can still chow down on a Fat Darrell.

Rutgers AD Julie Hermann at center of sex discrimination lawsuit in addition to abusive coaching accusations | SI Wire

Julie Hermann, Rutgers’ recently hired athletic director, was at the center of a sex discrimination lawsuit in addition to an abusive coaching scandal, the New York Times reported on Tuesday. Hermann was hired on May 15 and is scheduled to officially start on June 17, but various reports about a rocky past have led to intense scrutiny.

Where is the top football talent? A state-by-state breakdown

Texas forever. Every time Mack Brown doesn't finish in the Top 5 he should have to publicly apologize to the entire state.

States like Florida, Texas and California have always had some of the best talent, but other southern states are starting to produce more top talent. Here is a look at NFL Draft first-round picks over the past four years based on where they played high school ball.

Mira, Baylor has fancy new Nike uniforms. I think "new" Nike uniform combos jumped the shark when Oregon rolled out those chrome helmets at the 2012 Rose Bowl. Amirite?

Are they going to have all of these uniform combinations in NCAA Football 14?

NCAA Football 14's Dynasty Mode includes new Power Recruiting and RPG-inspired Coach Skills | Polygon

NCAA Football 14, Electronic Arts' upcoming installment in the annual college football franchise, will include streamlined Power Recruiting options and Coach Skills inspired by role-playing games.

College Football's Top 50 Wide Receivers of the BCS Era |

12. Michael Floyd

20. Golden Tate

59. Jeff Samardzija

What else? HLS reminded us that the Eddie Vanderdoes drama is still ongoing.

Letter of Intent | Her Loyal Sons

Of course, to place my thoughts within the context of Notre Dame football, I have on my mind the prevarications of one Eddie Vanderdoes, our once Signing Day prize turned runaway bride.

On that Eddie V note, Joe Schad had this non-news to share with us today.

I can't wait for that...

You all know where we are with Everett Golson, Tommy Rees and all other things related to the 2013 ND quarterback situation. Just about everyone has written the same 3-4 articles on the subject over the course of the last few days. I will provide assorted links to some of those articles below but the Cliff's Notes version goes like this.

1. Golson is no longer enrolled at Notre Dame!

2. Golson released a statement. He wants to come back for 2014!

3. Now what? Tommy Rees y'all!

4. BK will welcome Golson back in 2014. For 2013 the QB position is open.

Those are the basics. Links are below. As you already know all of our posts on the subject are on our front page.

Golson Out At Notre Dame & The Fading Rainbow

Come on back after you smash all your fine china against the wall and have wept in the shower and crying, "I'M SO STUPID! I'M SO STUPID! I'M SO STUPID!"

ND Football QB Crisis: A Twitter Summary | Her Loyal Sons

Everett Golson no longer enrolled at Notre Dame: Now what? -

The returning quarterback for the Fighting Irish announced Sunday is is suspended for the fall term for "poor academic judgement." While Golson's eventual return isn't necessarily ruled out, Brian Kelly now has a quarterback competition again.

Report: SEC team contacted Notre Dame about Everett Golson -

On Sunday, a coach from an SEC school contacted a person close to the Notre Dame program to inquire about Golson. He did enough in completing 58.8 percent of his passes for 2,405 yards and 12 touchdowns with six interceptions in his first year to pique the hopes of Irish fans and the interest of those wondering if he wants a change of scenery.

Notre Dame Football Update: Golson issues statement -

Lastly, I want to thank the University of Notre Dame for the opportunity already granted and also the opportunity going forth to regain my eligibility in the winter of 2014.

With the dust settled, Irish already moving on | Inside the Irish

A twelve-win regular season didn’t save Irish fans from reawakening their ghosts. But in his three seasons in South Bend, Kelly has proved that there’s no rearview mirror for this program. That’s why Gunner Kiel was never an option to return. That’s why this team didn’t flinch when Aaron Lynch quit or Davonte Neal went home. All spring Kelly talked about this football team finding its identity. After last year’s team was fueled by self-belief, the doubt now being cast on a team that still has plenty of potential could be galvanizing.

Lessons Learned - Notre Dame Football |

So while there a lot more questions than originally anticipated by Irish fans, it is evident that this is a team that still is loaded with talent and depth and has a coaching staff that understands how to adjust on the fly. If Notre Dame fans learned anything last year, it was to never count these kids or this coaching staff out, and the same should apply to this year.

Notre Dame Football: Kelly fills in the blanks on QB situation -

Speaking for the first time since it was announced last weekend that starting quarterback Everett Golson will miss the 2013 season because he was suspended from school, Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly said Tuesday that the three remaining quarterbacks on the roster will have a crack at the starting job.

Kelly wants Golson back at Notre Dame | CSN Chicago

Everett Golson intends to return to Notre Dame, and if he can, coach Brian Kelly is ready to welcome his starting quarterback back into the fold.

Try to enjoy the rest of your week!