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Everett Golson Suspended for Fall Semester

The worst off-season in history continues.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Late Saturday night yet another Irish football rumor started spreading like wild fire. This past week it was the apparent decision that incoming five-star defensive tackle freshman Eddie Vanderdoes would not be coming to Notre Dame. Now this gut-punch of an off-season gives us this:

Here's a short blurb from WNDU as well.


Are there any words?

This appears to be an academic and/or honor code violation by Golson. At minimum he's highly likely not to be part of the University of Notre Dame for the 2013-14 academic calendar. The worst-case scenario is that he will never return. Perhaps this could be a situation like Julius Jones, who left South Bend for a year and transferred back, but I just don't know at this moment.

By the way in case you were wondering, per NCAA rules, Gunner Kiel is allowed to come back to Notre Dame and be eligible this season. Chance of that happening?

It goes without saying that losing Golson is a huge blow for Notre Dame. If it's just for one year, that's bad enough, as the offense was looking to depend upon his growth in his redshirt sophomore season. If this is forever, it's just all kinds of awful for the Notre Dame program and not being able to see three more years of Golson in an Irish uniform.

For Brian Kelly this has to be beyond frustrating. This really has to test his resolve. Honestly, I'm actually kind of worried as to how he's taking this. Can't help but throw up his arms and wonder what he has to do to keep building for the future. It's never, ever easy at Notre Dame.

Kelly's now entering his fourth year at Notre Dame, has done a great job turning the program around, and has to deal with yet another off-season quarterback controversy.

The most likely scenario is Tommy Rees back as the starter. It's not the future we wanted but he's at least earned it. He stuck around, helped Golson, and saved some games last year---with how 2013 has played out it's pretty tough to be upset with Rees right now.

Is it even realistic to expect Malik Zaire to be ready? Is Andrew Hendrix even a legitimate option anymore?

If you want to cry go right ahead y'all.