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One Foot Down Podcast, Episode 2: Post-Spring Positional Battles

JoeSchu joins me to talk post-spring football, stadium renovations, ACC basketball scheduling, and more.

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In Episode 2...

  • Grace & Day as the new starters with the least amount of concern.
  • Using Niklas in a more traditional tight end role.
  • Sweating things out with Nick Martin & Connor Hanratty on the offensive line.
  • Max Redfield and the potential "wow" factor.
  • Throwing down money on Atkinson starting at running back.
  • Carlisle as the wildcard of the 2013 offense.
  • The verbal of Elijah Hood verbal & a loaded running back depth chart.
  • Joe raining on Eric's Hood parade.
  • The verbal of Quenton Nelson, the possible verbal of Bars, and the legit offensive line hauls over the past 2 cycles.
  • Seeking a quarterback: new offers and not settling on a project.
  • Flashback to the 1990's: New NBC Deals, stadium renovations, etc.
  • Discussions on the proposed campus/stadium future plans.
  • The possibility of a new basketball practice facility.
  • Looking forward to the new ACC basketball schedule.
  • The end of the Denard Era: Previewing the Michigan football game.

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