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Hitting the Links: May 15th, 2013

No recruiting today, just hitting the links.

I heard that Brady Hoke!
I heard that Brady Hoke!
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

As always starting elsewhere and ending in South Bend.

I wasn't expecting to have enough "news" to do a mid-week version of the links today but Brady Hoke running his jibs took care of that. Here we go...

Hawaii football to be renamed Rainbow Warriors, according to report -

After more than a decade without it, the Hawaii football team will reportedly have "Rainbow" back in its nickname.

They should have just changed their mascot to the Timmy Changs. That guy was awesome.

Documents: EA Sports designed games to replicate existing NCAA athletes | Campus Union -

Jeremy Strauser, an employee of EA Sports from 1995-2011, testified that video game players were created to correlate with existing players numbers and biographical information. Strauser’s testimony took place last December but was filed by EA Sports last week.

Did they really need any testimony? Isn't it pretty obvious when you turn on the game? In other news, here's Spencer Hall doing what he does...


This is how most people on the internet argue, particularly when discussing what a series of diseased toadstools they have to play because they are in the Big Ten.

Here Are Your All-Time Vacated Standings For Division I College Football

The NCAA swung its hammer on Monday, and Penn State had to vacate a staggering 112 victories. Joe Paterno was no longer the winningest coach in college football history. But he became the winningest coach in another college football universe. Here, for the first time, are the NCAA's all-time vacated standings.


Syracuse Reportedly To Retire Donovan McNabb's Jersey During Wake Forest Game - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician

From the source himself, Donovan McNabb tweeted Saturday morning that he's been told the Syracuse Orange will retire his No. 5 jersey during the November 2nd home game against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons.

Good for McNabb, he was a baller at Cuse. That said he didn't win a title like Chris Leak!

Report: Florida Gators hire ex-QB Chris Leak as assistant | Campus Union -

One of Florida’s favorite sons is returning to Gainesville. According to a report by Jason Lieser of the Palm Beach Post, Will Muschamp is set to hire former Gators quarterback Chris Leak as a quality control assistant with the program.

Florida State AD says he needs ‘compelling reason’ to release Matthew Thomas | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

Florida State athletic director Randy Spetman says the school has no plans to allow star linebacker recruit Matthew Thomas out of his letter of intent. Thomas, a senior at Booker T. Washington High School in Miami, recently said he wants out of his letter of intent because he was pressured into signing with Florida State back in February by his mother, Mariska Noyn.

First Stoops was going off about the SEC and now he's going off about the BCS. Someone is feeling his seat begin to warm in Norman. He should just retire and hold court in a local Italian restaurant like Barry Switzer.

Bob Stoops laments unfair BCS system that benefited Oklahoma anyway -

"Going into the bowl games, Northern Illinois had one loss, we had two," Stoops said. "Theirs was to Iowa, right? Ours were to Notre Dame and K-State. And they're ranked ahead of us - well, they got the bid to the BCS bowl ahead of us." "If they went through our whole schedule, would they have been 11-1? I doubt it," Stoops said. "So obviously then, the voters, it didn't matter that much to 'em. And it's not right."

Chuck Weis has Bob's back though. Big 12 bros.

Charlie Weis defends Bob Stoops’ argument about SEC ‘propaganda’ | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

"The stats" to which Weis is referring have appeared a few times on this blog, and paint the SEC as a league devoid of parity, at least last season. The conference's bottom eight teams went 0-30 against the top six teams in 2012.

Here comes a whole bunch of links from the state of Michigan.

Michigan State freshman giving up football to pursue rap career -

SPARTY YO. Philadelphia's Jay Harris, rated a three-star wide receiver by recruiting services, will release a mixtape on June 1, according to's Matt Breen.

A mixtape? Like the ones that I my friends used to make for girls in Junior High?

Michigan State plans $20M Spartan Stadium renovation - College Football -

Michigan State University is planning a $20 million Spartan Stadium renovation to be wrapped up next year.

Michigan reserves Marvin Robinson, Mike Jones no longer with team -

Eight offseason departures might seem concerning in some cases, but Michigan fans should not be too worried by these recent personnel developments. Most of the players who have left Ann Arbor were no longer in the mix to contend for starting jobs due to the young talent brought in by Brady Hoke over the last three seasons.

And the "story" of the week so far comes from Brady Hoke trying to entertain some alumni on the luncheon circuit.

Brady Hoke says Notre Dame 'chickening out' of Michigan rivalry -

Notre Dame's decision to back out of future matchups with Michigan has at least one notable detractor: Michigan's head coach. Brady Hoke said that Notre Dame was "chickening out" of the series speaking at a luncheon in Grand Rapids Monday, according to

Michigan AD Dave Brandon weighs in.

Dave Brandon: Notre Dame-Michigan hiatus to last a while - ESPN

"I'm not sure I would have used the word chicken," Brandon told, referring to Michigan coach Brady Hoke's comments Monday about Notre Dame "chickening out" of the series. "That's kind of how football coaches would think about it, and that's OK. Brady's a pretty straightforward guy. I would just say Notre Dame had choices to make, and they chose to back away from a rivalry game we've had on our schedule for a long time."

The responses came fast and furious from around the interwebs. Irish Chocolate even got in on the action. Oh the off-season.

Notre Dame DT Louis Nix responds to Brady Hoke's comments -


Friendly reminder: Michigan asked to stop ND series first | Inside the Irish

It might not fly too well on the handshake circuit, but Brady Hoke‘s dig at Notre Dame for backing out of the Michigan series might not be all that appropriate… considering Michigan asked to take a break first.

Lunch with Brady Hoke: Tastes Like Chicken | Her Loyal Sons

Hoke’s insertion of his foot into his mouth is simply begging for analysis ridicule as is this entire article, so let’s just get to it.

The Subway Domer has a nice photoshop of Hoke in his post on the matter.

Brady Hoke Says Notre Dame Is 'Chickening Out' Of The Michigan Series - Subway Domer

Remember Mike Valenti? He actually had the most entertaining response of all. But to check it out you have to go to minute 10:00 mark of THIS PODCAST.

Notre Dame, USC, Baylor To Sport New Gold Facemasks For The 2013-2014 Football Season | College Spun – Social. Local. Consumable. College Sports.

Gold facemasks eh? How did this not cause some kind of an uproar already? Did I miss it? Regardless if this is true it would obviously be part of the 2013 Shamrock Series uniform. I can't wait to hear the wailing when those bad boys get rolled out!

Sources: Manti Te’o Allegedly Tried To Fight His Former Teammate’s Father Saturday Night | College Spun – Social. Local. Consumable. College Sports.

We missed this little blip a few weeks back when it allegedly happened. Needless to say we never saw it anywhere else so take it with a grain of salt.

Here are a couple of other Te'o related stories from minicamp with the Chargers. Manti will be sporting #50 in San Diego.

Te’o begins life in the NFL | Inside the Irish

While he slid a dozen picks farther down the draft than most expected, Te’o's still projected to be an immediate plug and play player for the Chargers. Here’s a snippet of King take on the Chargers new inside linebacker, now sporting #50, in honor of the state of Hawaii.

Notre Dame football: Te'o blends with Chargers' vets -

The Chargers have taken unprecedented steps to limit Te'o's time in front of the microphones. The team refused to let reporters do customary one-on-ones with him after his introductory news conference during the draft, and has continued to refuse to set up interviews with the linebacker. Te'o did speak after the first practice of rookie minicamp on Friday but was the only player off-limits on Monday.

Tyler Eifert sounds like he is off to a nice start in Cincinnati.

Notre Dame football: Bengals try Eifert in multiple spots -

Tyler Eifert lined up here, there and just about everywhere during his first practice with the Cincinnati Bengals. Felt like old times.

Tommy Z never struck me as a business casual kind of guy.

Bears player and aspiring firefighter asked to change clothes, come back -

Bears safety Tom Zbikowski would someday like to join the Chicago Fire Department, and his name recently rose to the top of a very long waiting list of applicants. But when the five-year NFL veteran from Arlington Heights showed up to the department's academy Friday on South Clinton Street, he was turned away for not being properly dressed.

Have a great week!