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Hitting the Links: April 6th, 2013

No recruiting today, just hitting the links.

Big East to become American Athletic Conference - College Football -

Murica! The Big East is changing it's name to the American Athletic Conference. Whatever.

Tulsa formally accepts invitation to join Big East - College Football -

Yeah! Didn't this happen a couple of weeks ago? I don't suppose it really matters. Why didn't SI stick to the conference name change? Already slighting the AAC eh.

Virginia Tech introduces a new camouflage helmet for Military Appreciation | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

I think "Military Appreciation" might have just jumped the shark with this one. This helmet is far to hideous to be associated with the appreciation of anything. This helmet seriously looks like something out of the Cabela's catalog.

USC's Farmer suffers major knee injury -
The hits just keep on coming for the Trojans. We don't need no stinking depth!

USC's depth has taken another hit after wide receiver George Farmer tore his ACL at practice Tuesday. The former five-star recruit, who has dealt with injuries during his first two years with the Trojans, got the news Wednesday that he would need major knee surgery and will miss the 2013 season, a source told Farmer has not used his redshirt season yet, and is expected to use it this fall.

It gets even better for the Trojans.

Safety Su'a Cravens Tears Meniscus.

Cravens, a star of spring practice, will undergo knee surgery and be sideline 4-6 weeks. Lane Kiffin said 22 players are out with injuries and he will not be able to practice this physical during the actual season.

Kiffin has a real Catch-22 on his hands with this thin roster roster. You don't want to bang your guys up in practice but being able to practice physical is also huge. I think we found out a little bit about that in the BCS Championship Game in January...

NCAA president Mark Emmert came ready to fight at Final Four presser | One And One -

Someone is getting tired of all the criticism. This whole article is worth a read.

On three occasions during the question-and-answer portion of the event, Emmert took various levels of shots at national reporters, saving his choicest barbs for’s Dennis Dodd, who has written previously calling for Emmert’s job. In the middle of responding to a question from Dodd about whether Emmert feels like a lightning rod for criticism of the NCAA, Emmert interjected "By the way, thanks for the career advice. [I] kept my job anyway." Oddly, that retort was edited out of the official transcript released afterward.

Pitt running back Rushel Shell to transfer - College Football -

He gone. No telling where Shell lands but these stories rarely end well. Remember Bryce Brown? We do know that Shell won't be joining Todd Graham at Arizona State.

Pitt won't let Rushel Shell transfer to Arizona State -

This turned into Auburn scandal week with two different stories dropping allegations about assorted issues in the Auburn program. The two stories that started all of this are below.

Victims, Violations and Vendettas for Glory

Auburn Kept Test Results Confidential

In the wake of those two stories there have been plenty of opinions tossed about but for the most part people appear to be questioning the validity and/ or relevance of either of them. There are three examples of that below.

A list of people named in Selena Roberts' Auburn story yet to issue denials -

ESPN's story on Auburn's spice 'epidemic' is as synthetic as the drug -

AUBURN FOOTBALL SCANDAL: Tigers face allegations, fans on all sides react predictably - College and Magnolia

These two Mississippi State recruiting letters are pretty amusing. I wonder what they think of these players making them public?

The best way to lure a recruit, apparently, is to refer to him as a BALLER | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

Mississippi State has a truckload of ‘Swag’ waiting for recruits in ‘Stark Vegas’ | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

Moving on.

Florida Gators make spring game a regular practice - ESPN

The Gators don't have enough healthy offensive linemen to have a spring game. Didn't someone tell Champ about the whole green jersey idea?

"We've got 11 offensive linemen on scholarship on campus, but with [six] of those guys being out right now, it's not fair to go in a spring game situation and ask these guys to take 60, 70 snaps in a row," Muschamp said. "That's not healthy. It's not good. It's not good for our football team."

Speaking of spring football games there are going to be a few of them on television over the course of these next few weeks.

2013 college football spring games TV schedule, from Alabama to Wisconsin -

The Florida "practice" as well as the Georgia, Virginia and Nebraska spring games are all airing today. The Notre Dame spring game will air on NBC Sports Network on April 20th at 1pm EST.

2013 Opponent Recruiting Recap: Stanford Cardinal - Recruiting |

Over at UHND they continue to examine opponent recruiting classes. I still can't quite wrap my head around Stanford's class being so small. Twelve recruits!

3 SEC teams among Gunner Kiel's claimed transfer options -

Here's the latest from rumorville on where Kiel might land. I still think a smaller school in the Midwest makes the most sense for Kiel at this point. It will be interesting to see what he decides.

Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Tennessee are among a list of options for Kiel, and both Mississippi schools have already contacted him.

Is Notre Dame’s 2013 Schedule The Nation’s Hardest? | Her Loyal Sons

Over at HLS Grantland X took a look at the 2013 Notre Dame schedule. I don't know it is the toughest in the nation but it is definitely going to be a grind.

Hunter Jr.’s recovery progressing ahead of schedule | Inside the Irish

This is good news on Tori Hunter Jr.'s progress. It would be pretty amazing if he were to get on the field this fall.

Hunter’s recovery has been tracked by many Irish recruitniks, made even more intriguing with the recent attrition to the depth chart. With a recovery estimated between six and nine months, getting anything out of Hunter in 2013 seemed to be a stretch. Yet nobody told that to the wide receiver. Thanks to a report from Christian McCollum of Irish Sports Daily, we’re able to see the future Irish receiver in action, well ahead of his doctor’s timetable.

Notre Dame football: Prosise creating a buzz -

There has been a ton of buzz out there about C.J. Prosise in the last week. It looks more and more like the former safety as found himself a home at wide receiver.

Has the staff found a slot receiver? "He has really been a bright spot here -- the last few practices in particular," ND receivers coach Mike Denbrock said of Prosise. "As he gets more and more comfortable in what we're asking him to do, there's a guy who has all the tools to become something pretty good."

Notre Dame drops Arizona State from 2014 Football Schedule.

I have to assume that this move is tied to getting 5 ACC opponents on the schedule.

Best of luck to Coach McGraw, Skylar Diggins and the rest of the Women's Basketball team in the Final Four this weekend! For those of you that missed it Alstein wrote this Final Four Preview a few days ago. We had a lot of other good discussion around here this week so if you missed any of it hit our front page and catch up.

Have a great weekend!