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April 3rd Practice Report

Brian Kelly's troops are back on the practice field after their Easter hiatus.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Kelly's squad was back in Loftus for another Spring Session today, and FIDM was kind enough to provide moving pictures and a rockin' soundtrack. On their first day back from their Easter break, it looks like Coach Kelly and his staff put away the footballs for the early part of practice. For those of you who like watching small guys hit small guys, then big guys locking up big guys, enjoy the first minute and a half of action.

Once the balls go in the air, we get a good look at Corey Robinson showing some rebounding high-pointing skills vs. Lo Wood and TJ executing a great dig route (or is that an arrow? Larz will know). GA3 looks very sharp in his appearance, and we see the Voodoo Child ripping a nice throw to the outside. I'm sure "slot watch 2013" fans will pick up on Run CMC catching the out from Rees. Hendrix can also be seen completing a nice ball over the middle to Jones at about the 1:58 mark.

The offense didn't get all the love though. KVR's great footwork and coverage of Brown earns him some enthusiastic props from Coach Diaco.

It is only two and a half minutes, but it is only two and a half minutes we get, so enjoy. Keep it tuned right here for Coach Kelly's press conference video and Cutting Through the Coach-Speak as soon as it is posted (if there is one).

Looks like no presser for us. Rest assured that when BK next talks to the media, your friends here at OFD will be all over it. Per other reports from the web, here are some tidbits:

  • Amir Carlisle was at practice and working in non-contact situations.
  • Steve Elmer continues to impress in his work with the #2 offense.
  • Corey Robinson continues to look good. Skinny but good.
  • Davaris Daniels and Bennett Jackson were on the sidelines in uniform, but not pads.
  • Danny Spond was on the sidelines in shorts
  • Nicky Baratti was also held out of contact.

While you're waiting, here is BGI's video of some D-Line work...