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One Foot Down Podcast, Episode No. 1: A New Odyssey

Recap of the NFL Draft, a quick preview of Temple, and tackling some recruiting.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports


After dragging our feet for a long time we've finally entered the world of podcasts. Our podcasts will be quite different as time goes on but we wanted to get the ball rolling with these ASAP. Contained in episode 1:

  • NFL Draft recap.
  • A few thoughts on the home opener against Temple.
  • A lot of recruiting talk.

Just ignore some of that stuff I said about Elijah Hood taking a while with his verbal. And also when I said the college football season that is so long---I meant so short. Who's down for a 6-month college football season!??

This embedded Soundcloud should work for you on your computer, smart phone, tablet and what not. We'll also have this available for download on iTunes but it might take a day or two for that to show up. I'll let you know when it becomes available, and be sure to subscribe.