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NFL 1st Round Draft Open Thread

Join us as we watch the 1st round of the NFL Draft and I lay down some bets for you to answer.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Not much of a NFL guy? This open thread might not be for you. Remember though, we could see two more Irish players drafted in the 1st round, so that's always fun.

By now I'm sure many of you have read dozens of mock drafts. The television coverage begins at 8 PM ET today on both ESPN and the NFL Network so come on in and hang out and discuss the decisions made by the NFL GM's across the country.

In order to liven things up I thought I'd throw some prop bets your way courtesy of Bovada and also my brain. Feel free to give your answers down in the comment section.

1. Over/Under Amount of QB's Taken in the 1st Round: 2.5

2. Over/Under Geno Smith Draft Position: 8.5

3. Over/Under Manti Te'o Draft Position: 25.5

4. Over/Under Tyler Eifert Draft Position: 28.5

5. Over/Under Amount of Notre Dame Players Drafted Overall: 4.5

6. Who Will Be the 2nd Overall Pick?

7. Over/Under Marcus Lattimore Draft Position: 84.5

8. Over/Under Amount of Alabama Players Drafted in 1st Round: 3.5

9. Over/Under Eddie Lacy Draft Position: 30.5

10. Team with the Most Heinous Reach in the 1st Round?