OFD Offseason Orientation: The Commentariat

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In Part Two of my [unofficial, definitely not endorsed by the staff] series on OFD Offseason Orientation (Part One can be found here), I have attempted to summarize the essence of how the site and its members operate in a simple, reasonable and [triple-overtime-vs.-Pitt-level of "Ohhhh man, this is just"] fun flowchart.

Not sure how to celebrate a big win? You have options.

Trying to decide whether our recruits are up to snuff? Get yourself educated.

Disagree with a fellow fan’s opinion? Look no further.

With several months of the offseason stretching before us, there is plenty of time to hone your commenting know-how into midseason form. Take a gander at this chart and the Unofficial OFD Lexicon, and we’ll have you FORAGING and MAULING in no time!

Please feel free to add your own ideas and corrections in the comments, and I’ll make sure to respond accordingly (personally, my own chart has arrows leading directly from each article type to GIFS). As I've said before, We’re Not All Deluded Maniacs™…but we can certainly do a good impression of it!

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