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Five Wide Fullbacks: The Masters Edition

Talking 'bout The Masters, Las Vegas, Cal's new uniforms, and The Shirt.

Andy Lyons


1. The Masters have begun. Why then are you so depressed?

If you love golf then you love the Masters. And if you don't love golf, what's wrong with you?

I'm rooting for Tiger to win, but I threw some loot down on Adam Scott to wear the green jacket. I was most pleased with both of their performances after round 1 at Augusta. Today is supposed to bring some rain so we'll see if either of them can post a lower score on a wet course.

The only thing that really bothers me about watching the Masters is seeing how damn beautiful the course is and then looking outside where I live and it's 34 and pouring out. Google Maps tells me I'm only 12 hours and 24 minutes away from Augusta, yet it feels like it might as well be 100 hours.

I get really jealous as they pan across that beautiful landscape, with greens as vibrant as Notre Dame's recent Adidas post-season uniforms. It's just not fair. Or maybe I need to move?

2. You recently spent 6 nights in Las Vegas. Explain how you are still alive.

I'm getting older you guys and this was a trip with my main squeeze so no shenanigans for me. Still, spending 5 full days in Vegas is a long time. A little too long.

We were able to break up the week with a day trip to Red Rock Canyon and the Hoover Dam (both highly recommended if you have time and you're in the area) so that gave us some much needed rest from the hustle and bustle of the Strip.

My main takeaway from the trip is this: Can we start incorporating more moving sidewalks in our lives? We must have walked 10 miles a day in and out of the casinos and although there are some people movers around there needs to be more. I'm sure someday many years in to the future every major city will be lined with moving sidewalks but I think Vegas really needs to be the first place to have a giant 3 mile loop, about 8 to 10 feet wide, that covers the entire Strip. This needs to happen in my lifetime.

3. California introduced new uniforms and logo recently. How'd they grade out?

I don't hate them and they aren't terrible or anything, but this was a pretty generic effort by Nike.

I've always liked Cal's color scheme and you could make the case that this is a nice fresh look without going overboard...but that bear logo, yikes. Not many Cal fans are reacting positively to that thing and I tend to agree. Also, why put the bear on the shoulder of the football uniform and make it so dark that no one will ever be able to see except players and refs standing 3 feet away?

Their new matte helmet (they removed the stripe and bear claw with number inside of it on the back, a mistake in my opinion) is getting positive reviews but I just don't see what's so exciting about that.

Nike should have done better here.

4. UConn recently sparked some controversy for rebranding their Husky logo. Pass or fail?

This one passes, but just barely. I have a soft spot in my heart for huskies so I won't fail this one even though it's terribly generic and pretty lifeless.

On the other hand, did the old UConn logo even resemble a husky? The hair is so long and flowing, the facial features not quite right, that it looks like some white border collie.

I will agree with the UConn fans who think that their old logo was distinctive. That's gone now and I think that's a huge loss for the school.

5. The Shirt will be unveiled next Friday. What color will it be?

Alright let's see, the previous colors in recent years have been:

  • Navy blue
  • Light blue
  • Kelly green
  • Sandstorm
  • Navy blue
  • Forest green
  • Navy blue
  • Yellow

Using my detective skills, the teaser for this year's shirt has a kelly green-ish background with a blue shamrock and lettering of white and yellow---so a guess of kelly green again might not be a bad idea.

Is there a rule against making it white? I'd take that if it had enough color in it over navy blue or any variation of gold/yellow that they may come up with.

Enjoy the weekend and the Masters everyone.