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Hitting the Links: April 10th, 2013

No recruiting today, just hitting the links.

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I should be on the links.
I should be on the links.

As always, starting elsewhere and ending in South Bend.

The Big Shootout: The documentary of the 1969 Texas vs Arkansas game - Football Study Hall

I'm looking forward to seeing this documentary. You know, on Netflix or something. My Dad actually made me watch a grainy VHS copy of this game when I was a kid. He felt like you couldn't grow up in the state of Texas and not know about this game.

The Big Shootout is a documentary chronicling the titanic 1969 game between Texas and Arkansas, considered one of the greatest games in the history of college football. It will premiere this weekend at the Dallas International Film Festival. One of the filmmakers, Mike Looney, recently spoke with Football Study Hall about this epic contest and its repercussions.

What's up with NCAA transfer rules? Some frequently asked questions -

This is actually a pretty good explanation of the transfer rules.

The attentive reader may be aware that the rules governing intercollegiate athletics are frequently confusing, nonsensical or simply antiquated. Perhaps the most bizarre set of rules are those that regulate the transfer process.

Recruit on Miami investigation: 'There's no way Miami will lose this' -

Ummmmm, okay then.

Reilly Gibbons is an offensive lineman in the 2014 recruiting class, and the four-star prospect has received over 37 scholarship offers. On Monday, he committed to Miami and told the Associated Press he has no fear of what the NCAA may do to the school. "When you have a president like President [Donna] Shalala on your side, you can't lose," Gibbons told the AP. "And there's no way Miami will lose this."

This clip of Brutus Buckeye getting planted by a linebacker is ridiculous. But it made me laugh enough to watch it a few times.

Brutus Buckeye tackled by Ohio State LB David Perkins at spring football practice - Land-Grant Holy Land

Along those lines here is the SNL take on Mike Rice.

Watch Saturday Night Live: Outside the Lines online | Free | Hulu

Tell me again why the Big 12 doesn't want the Louisville Cardinals? - Barking Carnival

This is a fair question posed by our buds over at Barking Carnival. Why doesn't Texas the Big 12 want Louisville? After all they accepted West Virginia complete with Holgo and flaming couches. Is it the Louisville basketball programs that they fear? Does Mack Brown not want anything to do with Charlie Strong and Teddy Bridgewater? Surely DeLoss Dodds has bigger reasons. Right?

The Louisville Cardinals won the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament last night. The Cardinals are in their last season as a Big East member, and will head to the ACC presently. It's an open secret that Louisville strongly campaigned for a Big 12 invite, and were told "thanks, but no thanks...for now." OK, then.

Does Houston have a Quarterback that can get Deontay Greenberry and Markeith Ambles the football? This duo has the potential to light up the Murica' Conference.

Markeith Ambles, a one-time five-star wide receiver recruit who began his college career at USC in 2010, signed with the University of Houston Monday morning, a source told CBS.

Top QB Kiel considering MAC squads as transfer options - College Football - FanNation

Here is the latest on Gunner Kiel watch. The MAC options and Cincinnati make more sense to me than the SEC rumors that we saw last week.

ESPN's Joe Schad reports that Kiel has looked at Miami (Ohio) and and Ball State, pointing out that each school has a senior quarterback - which first with Kiel's timeframe as he needs to sit out the upcoming season. A quarterback of Kiel's caliber could be great for pass-heavy MAC offenses. He also may be looking at Ole Miss, where Hugh Freeze has brought in five-star players at almost every position besides quarterback.

Niklas could be next great Irish tight end | Inside the Irish

Hercules, Hercules!

He may not be the pass catching machine that Eifert was the past few season, but Niklas’ ability to play big along the line of scrimmage or release and wreak havoc in the pass game as a big body mismatch could help turn him into the next great Irish tight end.

Notre Dame football: Hegarty challenging for playing time after stroke scare -

Eric Hansen has a good piece here on Matt Hegarty. Hegarty's story really is pretty amazing. It is also pretty clutch considering the attrition that we have experienced on the offensive line the last couple of years.

He is climbing now for the most part, chasing Nick Martin on the depth chart for the starting center spot but still taking a step back every now and then. It’s not the consummate football future, but at least Matt Hegarty has one. - Sources: FSU to host Notre Dame in 2014

Smoke. Fire? It's probably true as it fits in with the rumor that ND is dropping Arizona State in 2014. I was personally hoping to see ND travel to Blacksburg sooner rather than later but Tallahassee isn't a bad second option.

Multiple sources have told that the Seminoles will host Notre Dame during the 2014 season. The Irish begin partial ACC membership in football in 2014, playing five ACC teams per season.

We are off to a good start around here this week. Murtaugh came back from vacation and dropped a practice report on us while both JoeSchu and Larz settled into the groove with the two posts below.

The Fighting Irish and the Media: A Study in Love/Hate Relationships - One Foot Down

OFD Films: The Elephant in the Room - One Foot Down

What else? Oh yeah the tailgate!

The Great OFD Offseason Tailgate: Introduce yourselves! - One Foot Down

Many thanks to First Down Moses for getting this one started. If you haven't popped in there to introduce yourself please take a minute to do so.

FanPosts are always welcome, so if you have something you want to write about just do it! This place is belong to all of us.