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2014 Notre Dame Recruiting Big Board (April)

What follows is a giant list of all the offers Notre Dame has out to the 2014 class of football players.



Players who have committed to Notre Dame can be found on our One Foot Down 2014 Recruiting Central Page and those who have committed elsewhere but hold Irish offers are listed at the very bottom of the post.

If a listed player commits to Notre Dame he will be removed from this list and moved to the 2014 Recruiting Central Page immediately. If a player commits to another school he will be moved down to the bottom of this post to his corresponding program.

Uncommitted players have 247's Composite Rankings---a combination of all 4 major services rankings---at their respective position.

Breakdown (as of May 3, 2013)





All height, weight, positions, and rankings according to 247.

QUARTERBACK (4 offers)


Brandon Dawkins- Thousand Oaks, CA (Oaks Christian)

  • 6'3" 206 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 9 DT-QB, No. 32 CA
  • Composite- .915

Offered first by Notre Dame and is carrying an offer from Utah. Visited for the Stanford game and has the Irish high on his list. More major programs are showing a lot of interest.


Kyle Allen- Scottsdale, AZ (Desert Mountain)

  • 6'2" 185 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 5 P-QB, No. 1 AZ, No. 50 USA
  • Composite- .966

Offered in late April by Notre Dame. Carrying a bunch of nice offers with UCLA, Arizona State, and Arizona in the mix early.

Crystal Ball: UCLA 75%

David Cornwell- Norman, OK (Norman North)

  • 6'5" 230 pounds
  • 5-star, No. 2 P-QB, No. 1 OK, No. 20 USA
  • Composite- .979

Offered on April 30th by the Irish. Very large but mobile. Has several elite teams coming after him.

Crystal Ball: Alabama 100%

Jacob Park- Goose Creek, SC (Stratford)

  • 6'3" 202 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 9 P-QB, No. 5 SC, No. 138 USA
  • Composite- .932

Offered in May by Notre Dame. A handful of elite offers. Virginia Tech leads.

Crystal Ball: Virginia Tech 100%

RUNNING BACK (4 offers)


Joe Mixon- Oakley, CA (Freedom)

  • 6'2" 195 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 8 RB, No. 8 CA, No. 75 USA
  • Composite- .974

Offered in late February by Notre Dame. Will try and visit South Bend during the summer or in the fall for an official. Carrying 30+ offers and will decide at USAAAB in January 2014.

Crystal Ball: USC 50%


Nick Chubb- Cedartown, GA (Cedartown)

  • 5'11" 216 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 12 RB, No. 8 GA, No. 117 USA
  • Composite- .953

Offered on February 1st by Notre Dame. Has about a jabillion offers so far. He likes Georgia, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, Tennessee, and Alabama.

Crystal Ball: Georgia 100%

Leonard Fournette- New Orleans, LA (St. Augustine)

  • 6'0" 215 pounds
  • 5-star, No. 1 RB, No. 1 LA, No. 2 USA
  • Composite- .999

The consensus #1 running back in the country has a small but elite offer list led by Alabama and LSU, the presumed favorites. Irish likely on the outside for now, although he does attend a Catholic high school.

Crystal Ball: LSU 88%

Derrell Scott- Havelock, NC (Havelock)

  • 5'11" 175 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 1 AP-RB, No. 7 NC, No. 106 USA
  • Composite- .956

Offered on January 31st by the Irish. South Carolina leads with Florida State and Ohio State in the mix.

Crystal Ball: South Carolina 100%

WIDE RECEIVER (17 offers)


Mark Andrews- Scottsdale, AZ (Desert Mounatin)

  • 6'6" 225 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 8 WR, No. 2 AZ, No. 63 USA
  • Composite- .972

Offered by Notre Dame in late November 2012. Arizona, Oklahoma, Ohio State, and Notre Dame among his leaders.

Crystal Ball: Arizona 67%

Terry Googer- Atlanta, GA (Woodward Academy)

  • 6'4" 209 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 32 WR, No. 31 GA
  • Composite- .877

Visited for the Stanford game and has legit interest in the Irish. Not a great offer list yet but South Carolina leads.

Crystal Ball: South Carolina 100%

Corey Holmes- Fort Lauderdale, FL (St. Thomas Aquinas)

  • 6'2" 175 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 38 WR, No. 36 FL
  • Composite- .911

Has visited Notre Dame for the Michigan game and has a nice offer list including Michigan, Florida, Florida State, and Wisconsin. Wolverines making an early push with Irish and Canes standing out.

Josh Malone- Gallatin, TN (Station Camp)

  • 6'2" 185 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 12 WR, No. 3 TN, No. 93 USA
  • Composite- .949

Tall athlete that visited Notre Dame in mid-October and was offered the next day. He's made a lot of visits and has offers from several elite schools.

Crystal Ball: Tennessee 100%

Artavis Scott- Tarpon Springs, FL (East Lake)

  • 5'10" 175 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 14 WR, No. 13 FL, No. 114 USA
  • Composite- .957

Scott has visited Notre Dame during the summer of '12 and has been pretty active with his visits all over the country. Florida schools, plus Michigan in the mix with Notre Dame.


Saeed Blacknall- Englishtown, NJ (Manalapan)

  • 6'2" 190 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 24 WR, No. 7 NJ, No. 212 USA
  • Composite- .936

Offered in early April. Very explosive athlete with a top three of Florida State, LSU, and Ohio State.

KD Cannon- Mount Pleasant, TX (Mount Pleasant)

  • 6'0" 158 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 4 WR, No. 6 TX, No. 52 USA
  • Composite- .981

Carrying offers from all the top Big 12 schools plus Texas A&M. He will be a tough pull out of Texas.

Crystal Ball: Baylor 80%

Shaq Davidson- Gaffney, SC (Gaffney)

  • 6'0" 170 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 6 WR, No. 1 SC, No. 57 USA
  • Composite- .963

Offered in late January by Notre Dame. The Carolina schools, Clemson, and Ohio State are in on his recruiting early. Gamecocks in the drivers seat.

Johnnie Dixon- Palm Beach Gardens, FL (Dwyer)

  • 5'10" 187 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 17 WR, No. 15 FL, No. 121 USA
  • Composite- .911

Quick athlete with a handful of elite offers. Miami leads with Florida right behind the Hurricanes.

Malachi Dupre- New Orleans, LA (John Curtis)

  • 6'2" 190 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 5 WR, No. 5 LA, No. 54 USA
  • Composite- .975

Holds many offers already. LSU leads with Florida State and Alabama in the mix early.

Crystal Ball: LSU 100%

Derek Kief- Cincinnati, OH (LaSalle)

  • 6'5" 197 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 20 WR, No. 5 OH, No. 130 USA
  • Composite- .920

Offered in early April by Notre Dame. Ohio State among his leaders with Alabama and several others in the mix.

Crystal Ball: Ohio State 100%

Demarre Kitt- Tyrone, GA (Sandy Creek)

  • 6'1" 182 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 21 WR, No. 18 GA, No. 180 USA
  • Composite- .953

Offered in April by Notre Dame and really favors Ohio State. Auburn, Tennessee, and Clemson are in the mix too.

Jacob McCrary- Miami, FL (Coral Reef Senior)

  • 6'0" 170 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 37 WR, No. 35 FL
  • Composite- .884

Decommit from Florida State in November 2012. Clemson is the heavy favorite.

Speedy Noil- New Orleans, LA (Edna Karr)

  • 5'10" 176 pounds
  • 5-star, No. 1 WR, No. 3 LA, No. 17 USA
  • Composite- .961

Electric athlete who has a bunch of southern teams after him and an elite offer list. LSU is the presumed favorite and he has visited Baton Rouge many times.

Crystal Ball: LSU 100%

Trey Quinn- Lake Charles, LA (Barbe)

  • 6'1" 200 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 15 WR, No. 8 LA, No. 118 USA
  • Composite- .947

Offered in late February by Notre Dame. May visit sometime in the future. Clemson and Texas Tech in the mix with LSU.

Crystal Ball: LSU 100%

Cameron Sims- Monroe, LA (Ouachita Parish)

  • 6'3" 190 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 16 WR, No. 9 LA, No. 120 USA
  • Composite- .942

Early April offer by Notre Dame. Alabama is the leader with LSU not far behind.

Crystal Ball: Alabama 80%

Trevion Thompson- Durham, NC (Hillside)

  • 6'2" 177 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 7 WR, No. 4 NC, No. 61 USA
  • Composite- .968

Offered in December and one of the top wideouts in the nation. Clemson, Florida, and Ohio State standing out early.

Crystal Ball: Clemson 100%

ATHLETE (8 offers)


Budda Baker- Bellevue, WA (Bellevue)

  • 5'10" 170 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 5 ATH, No. 1 WA, No. 58 USA
  • Composite- .977

Small but quick athlete with mostly western and Pac-12 offers. Likely the top player from the northwest and someone ND will target as a versatile athlete. Oregon, Washington, and UCLA are his leaders.

Crystal Ball: Oregon 100%

Tommy Mister- Oak Lawn, IL (H L Richards)

  • 6'2" 185 pounds
  • 3-star, No. 55 ATH, No. 20 IL
  • Composite- .870

Dual-threat quarterback who switched to running back as a junior. Notre Dame is recruiting him as a running back, receiver, or safety. Carrying additional offers from Indiana and Illinois. Very high on Notre Dame, but may not have a committable offer.

Michiah Quick- Fresno, CA (Central East)

  • 6'0" 170 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 6 ATH, No. 5 CA, No. 70 USA
  • Composite- .982

Irish have been in on his recruitment for a long time and were one of his early leaders. USC coming on strong lately.

Crystal Ball: USC 100%

Nathan Starks- Las Vegas, NV (Bishop Gorman)

  • 5'11" 200 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 4 ATH, No. 1 NV, No. 27 USA
  • Composite- .987

Tough athlete and running back has Oklahoma, Notre Dame, and USC among his favorites. Should visit Notre Dame in the spring.

Crystal Ball: Notre Dame 80%


Noah Brown- Sparta, NJ (Pope John XXIII)

  • 6'2" 212 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 17 ATH, No. 6 NJ, No. 200 USA
  • Composite- .877

Offered in late April by Notre Dame. Big athlete with very good speed. Top offers from Va Tech, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Penn State, North Carolina, and more.

Crystal Ball: Virginia Tech 100%

Johnathan Lloyd- Graham, NC (Southern Alamance)

  • 6'0" 175 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 34 ATH, No. 11 NC
  • Composite- .877

Quite recruitment so far but he has visited a bunch of schools. Pretty small offer list right now.

Jabrill Peppers- Ramsey, NJ (Paramus Catholic)

  • 6'1" 205 pounds
  • 5-star, No. 1 ATH, No. 1 NJ, No. 9 USA
  • Composite- .997

Top player in Jersey and one of the nation's elite prospects. Former teammate with Elijah Shumate but transferred from Don Bosco before junior year. Stanford and Michigan are his top two.

Crystal Ball: Michigan 83%

John Smith- Long Beach, CA (Long Beach Poly)

  • 6'1" 200 pounds
  • 5-star, No. 2 ATH, No. 2 CA, No. 19 USA
  • Composite- .981

Offered in early March by the Irish. USC, UCLA, and Michigan among the favorites.

Crystal Ball: Notre Dame/USC 43%

TIGHT END (4 offers)


Tyler Luatua- La Mirada, CA (La Mirada)

  • 6'4" 230 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 1 TE, No. 6 CA, No. 72 USA
  • Composite- .973

The nation's top tight end has a brother playing at Alabama. Florida State, and Miami in the picture with Alabama and Notre Dame out front.

Crystal Ball: Notre Dame 50%

Matt Nelson- Cedar Rapids, IA (Xavier)

  • 6'8" 245 pounds
  • 3-star, No. 14 TE, No. 4 IA
  • Composite: .890

Offered in mid-April after a visit to campus. Pretty solid interest and carries top offers from Arkansas, Stanford, and Nebraska.

Dalton Schultz- South Jordan, UT (Bingham)

  • 6'5" 215 pounds
  • 3-star, No. 16 TE, No. 5 UT
  • Composite- .932

Small but very strong offer list. Irish may have decent shot but Stanford leads right now.


Kevin Crosby- Bamberg, SC (Bamberg Ehrhardt)

  • 6'2" 236 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 6 TE, No. 8 SC
  • Composite- .893

He already has an insane amount of offers from most elite teams, and will be a tough pull out of the South. Has some family ties to Notre Dame and has expressed very mild interest.

OFFENSIVE LINE (11 offers)


Alex Bars- Nashville, TN (Montgomery Bell Academy)

  • 6'6" 287 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 15 OT, No. 5 TN, No. 182 USA
  • Composite- .938

Offered by Notre Dame in late February. Huge and impressive offer list. Legacy at Notre Dame.

Crystal Ball: Michigan 100%

Jamarco Jones- Chicago, IL (De La Salle Institute)

  • 6'5" 290 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 5 OT, No. 2 IL, No. 43 USA
  • Composite- .975

He visited Notre Dame for the Miami game in Chicago. He's camped and visited campus last spring as well. Should be back on campus this spring. Ohio State is believed to lead.

Crystal Ball: Ohio State 100%

Damien Mama- Bellflower, CA (St. John Bosco)

  • 6'5"340 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 9 OG, No. 13 CA, No. 111 USA
  • Composite- .939

Massive guard offered in early March. He's been picking up a lot of offers lately and would like to visit Notre Dame, Utah, Ole Miss, and Alabama. USC will be tough to beat here.

Crystal Ball: USC 100%

Braden Smith- Olathe, KS (Olathe South Sr.)

  • 6'6" 290 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 1 OG, No. 1 Kansas, No. 48 USA
  • Composite- .990

Absolute freak of a specimen and possibly top overall athlete in the country. Has been taking his recruiting very slowly but may visit Notre Dame in the future.

Crystal Ball: Notre Dame 67%


Natrell Curtis- Phoenix, AZ (Mountain Pointe)

  • 6'3" 285 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 15 OG, No. 9 AZ, No. 241 USA
  • Composite- .927

Offered in late February by Notre Dame. Could play defense for the Irish. Several teams are in the mix early.

Crystal Ball: UCLA 100%

Demetrius Knox- Fort Worth, TX (All Saints)

  • 6'3" 290 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 4 OG, No. 8 TX, No. 69 USA
  • Composite- .963

A decommit from Texas after 4+ months with the Longhorns. With about a dozen elite offers he'll have plenty of options moving forward.

Damian Prince- District Heights, MD (Bishop McNamara)

  • 6'6" 300 pounds
  • 5-star, No. 3 OT, No. 1 MD, No. 15 USA
  • Composite: .990

Top player in Maryland has many elite offers. Irish will need to make up ground against Alabama, Florida State, and others.

Crystal Ball: Florida State 100%

Jovan Pruitt- Dallas, TX (Bishop Dunne Catholic)

  • 6'6" 290 pounds
  • 3-star, No. 33 OT, No. 58 TX
  • Composite- .890

Offered by Notre Dame in late January. Getting looked at closely right now by Texas and Texas A&M with Baylor, Oklahoma, and Alabama in the mix early.

Bentley Spain- Charlotte, NC (Providence)

  • 6'6" 275 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 6 OT, No. 5 NC, No. 76 USA
  • Composite- .954

Suffered a fractured knee before his junior season. Has already visited North Carolin and South Carolina with those two teams on top.

Crystal Ball: South Carolina 100%

Donell Stanley- Latta, SC (Latta)

  • 6'4" 327 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 3 OG, No. 2 SC, No. 60 USA
  • Composite- .979

Offered on January 31st by Notre Dame. Looks like South Carolina leads with Alabama and Clemson in the mix early.

Crystal Ball: South Carolina 100%

Casey Tucker- Chandler, AZ (Hamilton)

  • 6'6" 270 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 12 OT, No. 5 AZ, No. 149 USA
  • Composite- .972

Left USC's class in late April after being a commit for 9 months. Holding a handful of elite offers.

DEFENSIVE LINE (13 offers)


Deondre Clark- Oklahoma City, OK (Douglass)

  • 6'3" 230 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 11 SDE, No. 4 OK, No. 167 USA
  • Composite- .962

Offered by the Irish and saw Notre Dame play on his unofficial trip to Oklahoma. Announced a top five of LSU, Alabama, South Carolina, Clemson, and Notre Dame. Will try to visit South Bend and said he won't take long to decide on his school.

Crystal Ball: 100% LSU

Josh Frazier- Springdale, AR (Har-Ber)

  • 6'3" 324 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 9 DT, No. 2 AR, No. 69 USA
  • Composite- .968

Several elite schools after his services. Top five of Alabama, Arkansas, Notre Dame, A&M, and USC. Will try and visit for spring game.

Crystal Ball: Arkansas 100%

Malik McDowell- Detroit, MI (Loyola)

  • 6'7" 290 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 2 SDE, No. 1 Michigan, No. 30 USA
  • Composite- .989

Visited Notre Dame during the summer of '12 and saw the Irish beat MSU in East Lansing. Michigan with a big lead.

Crystal Ball: Michigan 100%

Andrew Williams- McDonough, GA (Eagle's Landing Christian)

  • 6'4" 231 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 11 WDE, No. 20 GA, No. 192 USA
  • Composite- .937

Same school as Isaac Rochell and visited Notre Dame in September. Has a great offer list and is a top target on the defensive line for Irish coaches. No leaders at this point.


Lorenzo Carter- Norcross, GA (Norcross)

  • 6'5" 232 pounds
  • 5-star, No. 1 WDE, No. 1 GA, No. 3 USA
  • Composite- .998

Offered in early December by Notre Dame. Tons of potential with his size and has Alabama, Florida State, Miami, and Georgia among the elite teams after him. Made a huge jump in latest 247 rankings.

Crystal Ball: Alabama 100%

Khairi Clark- Hollywood, FL (Chaminade-Madonna Prep)

  • 6'2" 325 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 5 DT, No. 9 FL, No. 49 USA
  • Composite- .982

Great offer list and has expressed interest in Notre Dame. Quiet recruitment since the summer but many believe Miami leads.

Crystal Ball: Miami 100%

Myles Garrett- Arlington, TX (James Martin)

  • 6'4" 240 pounds
  • 5-star, No. 2 WDE, No. 1 TX, No. 10 USA
  • Composite- .979

One of the top talents out of Texas, he really likes TCU, A&M, Oklahoma, and LSU.

Crystal Ball: Texas A&M 100%

Da'Shawn Hand- Woodbridge, VA (Woodbridge)

  • 6'5" 247 pounds
  • 5-star, No. 1 SDE, No. 1 VA, No. 1 USA
  • Composite- .999

Consensus top prospect in the country with offers from all the best schools. Won't narrow down his teams until summer.

Crystal Ball: Virginia Tech 75%

Thomas Holley- Brooklyn, NY (Abe Lincoln)

  • 6'4" 285 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 10 DT, No. 1 NY, No. 71 USA
  • Composite- .940

Picking up a lot of offers recently. Offered in late February by Irish. Same high school as Ishaq Williams.

Jalyn Holmes- Norfolk, VA (Lake Taylor)

  • 6'5" 225 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 4 WDE, No. 5 VA, No. 45 USA
  • Composite- .976

Offered by Notre Dame in February. Has Virginia and Virginia Tech hot on his track. Clemson and Florida also in the mix.

Crystal Ball: Virginia Tech 100%

Melvin Keihn- Baltimore, MD (Gilman)

  • 6'3" 225 pounds
  • 3-star, No. 21 WDE, No. 11 MD
  • Composite- .899

Offered in mid-February by Notre Dame. Has shown some interest in the Irish and has a bunch of ACC schools after him.

Kentavious Street- Greenville, NC (J.H. Rose)

  • 6'4" 255 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 6 SDE, No. 6 NC, No. 79 USA
  • Composite- .982

Offered in mid-February by the Irish. Carrying mostly ACC offers.

Crystal Ball: Georgia 100%

Solomon Thomas- Coppell, TX (Coppell)

  • 6'3" 251 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 3 SDE, No. 5 TX, No. 39 USA
  • Composite- .987

Comes from the same high school as Cam McDaniel. Texas is the big favorite right now but a handful of other schools in the mix.

Crystal Ball: Texas 100%

LINEBACKER (9 offers)


Dillon Bates- Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (Ponte Vedra)

  • 6'3" 220 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 19 OLB, No. 24 FL, No. 215 USA
  • Composite- .939

Offered in late October by Notre Dame and will try to visit this season. If not, he will try and get to South Bend in the spring or summer. Dad played at Tennessee.

Crystal Ball: Tennessee 100%

Nyles Morgan- Crete, IL (Crete-Monee)

  • 6'2" 228 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 4 ILB, No. 3 IL, No. 53 USA
  • Composite- .976

Irish were early on his recruiting. He visited campus in September for the Michigan game and has a growing offer list. Vandy, Ole Miss, Florida, and Michigan State in the mix with the Irish.


Dante Booker- Akron, OH (St.Vincent-St. Mary)

  • 6'4" 210 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 4 OLB, No. 2 OH, No. 83 USA
  • Composite- .958

Holding mostly B1G offers, plus Notre Dame and Tennessee, and Oklahoma. Visited in ND February but Ohio State still leads.

Crystal Ball: Ohio State 100%

Rashaan Evans- Auburn, AL (Auburn)

  • 6'3" 214 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 31 OLB, No. 14 AL
  • Composite: .932

Offered in late March by Notre Dame. He will be tough to pull out of Alabama. Auburn leads.

Crystal Ball: Auburn 100%

Edwin Freeman- Arlington, TX (Bowie)

  • 6'1' 200 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 18 OLB, No. 27 TX, No. 209 USA
  • Composite- .927

Offered in mid-January by the Irish. His early leader appears to be Texas A&M with Oklahoma and TCU in the mix.

Crystal Ball: TCU 100%

Clifton Garrett- Plainfield, IL (Plainfield)

  • 6'2" 228 pounds
  • 5-star, No. 1 OLB, No. 1 IL, No. 23 USA
  • Composite- .986

Garrett has been to South Bend a couple times and also saw the Irish play in Chicago. Ohio State appears to lead and interest in Notre Dame is waning.

Crystal Ball: Ohio State 100%

Vincent Jackson- Tampa, FL (Jesuit)

  • 6'2" 235 pounds
  • 3-star, No. 57 OLB, No. 105 FL
  • Composite- .853

Huge offer list, especially in comparison to his rankings. South Florida, Miami, and USC the new favorites.

Raekwon McMillan- Hinesville, GA (Liberty County)

  • 6'3" 236 pounds
  • 5-star, No. 1 ILB, No. 2 GA, No. 13 USA
  • Composite- .989

Offered in May by Notre Dame, has expressed some interest, but has not visited yet. Georgia, Clemson and Ohio State appear to be his early leaders.

Crystal Ball: Ohio State 100%

Richard Yeargin III- Fort Lauderdale, FL (University)

  • 6'4" 225 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 28 OLB, No. 37 FL
  • Composite- .870

Offered in mid-April by the Irish. Shows some interest in Notre Dame but has a top list of Clemson, Florida, UCLA, Florida State, Georgia Tech, and Tennessee.

DEFENSIVE BACK (11 offers)


Parrker Westphal- Bolingbrook, IL (Bolingbrook)

  • 6'0" 186 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 15 CB, No. 5 IL, No. 171 USA
  • Composite- .939

Camped at Notre Dame in June after an offer in May. Watched the Irish win at Soldier Field. Michigan is his early leader.

Crystal Ball: Michigan 100%


Jamal Adams- Carrollton, TX (Hebron)

  • 6'0" 185 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 5 S, No. 9 TX, No. 86 USA
  • Composite- .981

Notre Dame is in his top five but Texas and Oklahoma are way out front with Alabama in the mix.

Crystal Ball: Texas 75%

Tony Brown- Beaumont, TX (Ozen)

  • 6'0" 185 pounds
  • 5-star, No. 2 CB, No. 2 TX, No. 14 USA
  • Composite- .996

Major recruit who could play safety in high school. Texas, Alabama, A&M, and LSU are the early leaders.

Crystal Ball: LSU 100%

Kyle Gibson- Seffner, FL (Armwood)

  • 6'1" 170 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 15 S, No. 26 FL, No. 231 USA
  • Composite- .918

Lanky athlete offered in late February by Tony Alford. Holds top offers from Louisville, Michigan State, and UCLA.

Crystal Ball: Vanderbilt 100%

Adoree Jackson- Gardena, CA (Junipero Sera)

  • 5'11" 185 pounds
  • 5-star, No. 3 CB, No. 3 CA, No. No. 21 USA
  • Composite- .995

Elite athlete carrying tons of offers. From deep in USC territory but originally from Illinois. Recruitment is open to many teams.

Crystal Ball: USC 100%

Jonathan Lockett- Santa Ana, CA (Mater Dei)

  • 5'11" 170 pounds
  • 3-star, No. 29 CB, No. 36 CA
  • Composite- .893

Offered in early March by the Irish. Orgeon and UCLA lead as his offer list begins to grow.

Crystal Ball: Oregon 50%, UCLA 50%

Germaine Pratt- High Point, NC (High Point Central)

  • 6'3" 190 pounds
  • Not Rated
  • Composite- .941

Great size but a quiet recruitment so far. Has visited North Carolina multiple times and NC State is also believed to be one of his leaders.

Arrion Springs- San Antonio, TX (Roosevelt)

  • 5'11" 192 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 10 CB, No. 16 TX, No. 132 USA
  • Composite- .910

Offered in mid-April by the Irish. As a Texas kid he has the usual teams at the top of his list: Texas, Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, but also Tennessee and Oregon.

Crystal Ball: Texas 95%

Jalen Tabor- Washington, D.C. (Friendship Academy)

  • 6'1" 182 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 4 CB, No. 1 DC, No. 28 USA
  • Composite- .989

Offered in April '12 by Notre Dame. Currently has Alabama, Florida, Florida State, and Notre Dame on top.

Crystal Ball: Florida State 67%

Nick Watkins- Dallas, TX (Bishop Dunne Catholic)

  • 6'1" 180 pounds
  • 4-star, No. 9 CB, No. 13 TX, No. 123 USA
  • Composite- .955

Offered in May '12 by the Irish, but little contact since then. Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma and a bunch of SEC schools are in his top teams right now.

Crystal Ball: Texas 100%

Quincy Wilson- Fort Lauderdale, FL (University School)

  • 6'2" 195 pounds
  • 3-star, No. 51 S, No. 96 FL
  • Composite- .909

Offered in late September by Notre Dame. Tons of offers but not an elite cohort. Pretty quiet recruitment so far.



ATH Bo Scarbrough- .989

LB Zach Whitley- .950


CB Cameron Denson- .972


DL Anthony Moten- .910


RB Sony Michel- .992

TE Jeb Blazevich- .924

S Nick Glass- .883


OT Ross Pierschbacher- .969


WR Thaddeus Snodgrass- .903


S Edward Paris- .986


OT KC McDermott- .987


WR Drake Harris- .984

TE Ian Bunting- .891

OL Mason Cole- .946

LB Michael Ferns- .947


DL Enoch Smith- .870


OL Andy Bauer- .963


WR Dallis Todd- .943


ATH DeAndre Thompkins- .905


RB Christian McCaffrey- .922

S Brandon Simmons- .928


RB Jalen Hurd- .991

OT Orlando Brown- .865


LB Cameron Hampton- .885


LB Hoza Scott- .990

CB Cedric Collins- .918

CB Nick Harvey- .978

S Dylan Sumner-Gardner- .968


S Quin Blanding- .996



2.11.12- D. Harris

3.21.12- A. Bauer

3.24.12- R. Gibbons, N. Weishar

3.30.12- D. Booth

4.21.12- J. Brent, C.J. Hilliard, J. Jones, J. LaRubbio, S. Spence

6.14.12- J. Byrne, C. Garrett

6.19.12- C. Pettit

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7.28.12- K.C. McDermott

7.30.12- M. Cole, A. Scott

9.8.12- L. Johnson

9.22.12- A. Bars, D. Booth, J. Byrne, B. Fritts, S. Evans, C. Garrett, R. Gibbons, C. Holmes, B. Lee, T. Mister, N. Morgan, R. Pierschbacher, G. Robinson, A. Saxton, T. Vincent, D. Webb, N. Weishar, A. Williams, E. Wolf

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11.3.12- J. Brent, M. Farkas

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1.19.13- J. Aniebonam, J. Byrne, S. Moss, S. Mustipher, A. Williams,

2.19.13- D. Helm

2.22.13- E. Hood

2.24.13- D. Booker

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4.27.13- E. Hood

6.22.13- T. Thompson