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Hitting the Links: March 30th, 2013

No recruiting today, just hitting the links.

I should be on the links
I should be on the links

As always, starting elsewhere and ending in South Bend.

Miami to file motion to dismiss Nevin Shapiro infractions case -

The NCAA really put themselves between a rock and a hard place with this one. Will they try to pull this out of the fire or will they just let Miami off the hook to avoid further embarrassment? I have to think that Miami has a pretty decent chance of escaping major sanctions at this point. What do you lawyers think?

In a major case involving a high-profile university, the filing is considered unprecedented. Schools charged with major violations typically file their responses to allegations and appear before the NCAA infractions committee. Penalties, if any, are then handed out weeks or months later. However, "what the NCAA did was unprecedented," said a source with knowledge of the motion. "There will be some stuff in there [the public] is already aware of. I would think there will be some other things in there that people are not yet aware of that [are] just as equally intriguing."

Talking EA Sports and the NFL with Denard Robinson - Maize n Brew

The Nard is moving on to the next level. I have to say that I might be happier to see him go than any other individual Notre Dame opponent in the last decade. He had a special knack for doing things on the field that completely flew in the face of all of the laws in the universe and still resulted in 6 points.

I don't think I'm ever going to fully recover from the 2011 game under the lights at the Big House. I couldn't be more thankful for the turnover riddled payback in 2012. There is some small shred of justice in the world! Oh yeah, as he prepares himself for the NFL he still doesn't want to tie his shoes, so there's that.

MnB: Will you tie your shoes on Sundays?

DR: Do you think I should? I don't think I should. I've been doing it all my life.

MnB: Well I know you tied your shoes at the combine, and it's your career, so I don't know if you can mess around with untied shoes.

DR: I know! That was the first time I ever tied them up. I don't know if I like that. My feet didn't take love to that.

Penn State football recruit Zayd Issah facing criminal charges in alleged counterfeit cash scheme |

This definitely isn't your standard college football player getting in trouble story. Whack Arnold's. Really?

Police in Susquehanna Township have filed multiple charges, including felonies, against Issah for an alleged scheme to pass counterfeit money at a local McDonald's restaurant.

Rushel Shell transfer rumors: Pitt coach gives star RB 'time away' -

Where will Shell end up? Rumors are flying that the kid intends to transfer but Paul Chryst says that he's just taking some time away. Issues like this one are the sort of things that contribute greatly in driving good coaches to an early retirement.

Bobby Petrino maybe unveils chrome WKU helmets -

More chrome helmets. Murtaugh up!

How Mike Gundy nearly became a Tennessee Vol -

I'm guessing that T. Boone and the rest of his cronies can't be too happy that this story is out there. This also can't be good for Gundy's future at Okie Light can it? This just sounds bad.

He didn't think scheduling two kickoff games -- Mississippi State in Houston in 2013, Florida State in 2014 in Cowboys Stadium -- maximized Oklahoma State's chances to win a national title. And from Gundy's view, if you're going to promise a recruit or a staff member one thing, it's that you'll do everything in your power to win one.
"I felt if what I was saying to recruits wasn't coming true, then I couldn't do the job and I needed to go somewhere else," Gundy said.

Watch Kliff Kingsbury rap along to Biggie and call a player's outfit 'murdered-out' -

I would probably file Kingsbury in the non-standard category. He's really playing up this "hip, young cool guy" schtick for all that it's worth. This is going to be an interesting little experiment to keep an eye on at Tejas Tech.

Looking to each other for stability: Tommy Tuberville, Cincinnati and the future -

Meanwhile the guy that Kingsbury replaced finally speaks about his exit from the Hub City.

"Back when I left [Lubbock] there was a lot of people that wrote stories about how I left and how I walked out on a recruiting dinner," Tuberville says. "I think at some point a lot of these reporters are going to have quit reading blogs and do their own investigating, because that’s what happened. No one called me about that. I was a little disappointed in them. I got raked over the coals for something I didn’t do. They read what somebody put on a blog."

2013 Opponent Recruiting Recap: Pitt Panthers - Recruiting |

Over at UHND Bob Kollars continued his series looking at opponent recruiting classes with a look at Pittsburgh.

Notre Dame football recruiting: Irish 2014 class has early star power -

Bud Elliott likes where the 2014 class is headed.

Notre Dame football recruiting is off to a strong start for the 2014 class, which currently includes five commitments. Head coach Brian Kelly and staff are trying to keep the momentum going from the strong class they put together in 2013. That class was one of the best in the Midwest, and ranked among the nation's top 10. One major area of focus in the 2014 class will be the lines, where the Irish already have three commitments.

Notre Dame Football: Time to build leadership core is now

Weren't we recently discussing which players might step up and take on a leadership role this season? This article takes a pretty good look at the Notre Dame players that appear to be doing that exact thing.

Notre Dame Football Analysis: Wrapping latest Irish defections in context -

This Eric Hansen piece pretty much falls in line with the general consensus that we seemed to have around here this week.

"The roster’s going to shift and move," Kelly said after spring session No. 5 of 15. "We’re going to have some additions. We’re going to have some deletions. But when it’s time to kick off against Temple (Aug. 31), we’ll have the football team we need to go out and play for a championship."

If you haven't stopped by here in a few days take a few minutes to check out some of the great conversations that have gone on around here. The machine that is Murtaugh teed up the transfer discussion and took a look back at the 2012 Michigan State game. JoeSchu kept the roundball discussion going and Fish made sure that we didn't forget about all of the other great athletic programs at Notre Dame. Then Miesle wrapped up the week by getting everyone going with a discussion about American bands in 5WF. Good stuff.

I also wanted to draw your attention to a little project that you probably haven't noticed yet. If you scroll about halfway down the home page you will find a new Hub titled "The OFD Film Room." We are still discussing the finer points of that little project behind the scenes but the nuts and bolts won't change.

We went back and gathered up every Film Review/ X's and O's related post that we have ever written and compiled all of them in one place for you. For those of you that are interested in such things there are currently 70 posts in there that could keep you busy for quite some time. We are looking forward to bringing you more of that sort of thing going forward.

Have a great Easter weekend!