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Hitting The Links: March 19th, 2013

No recruiting today, just hitting the links.

I should be on the links
I should be on the links

As always starting elsewhere and ending in South Bend.

Spring football is here people! Coach Brian Kelly will kick things off with a presser at noon EST today and the team will kick off practice at 8am EST tomorrow. We will get a post up on the BK presser later this afternoon. Until then let's take a look at a few other things that are going on.

2 of NCAA's new college football recruiting rules revoked -

The NCAA's Board of Directors suspended two new rules that had been adopted back in January. The rules in question govern the deregulation of who can perform recruiting tasks and what printed materials can be sent to recruits.

Stanton Truitt bombarded with 102 letters in mailbox from Tennessee Volunteers - ESPN

102 letters. That's an appropriate waste of paper and postage. Why not just send a local Lloyd Dobler type to stand in Truitt's yard with a jambox? I suppose those 102 letters weren't covered in that "printed materials" bit in the story above. Who knows? Maybe Butch Jones just got them out right in the nick of time.

"When I went to open it, it would not budge," Truitt said. "I pulled it down, and then some of the letters were hanging out, but they were all tied together by a rubber band. I was thinking there was no way these came from the same school. But I kept pulling on them and I thought the mailbox was going to break, but when I got them out I found out that all 102 of them were from Tennessee! It was crazy."

Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez makes extra cash by creating and selling iPhone apps | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

>"There's not much to do in Nebraska, so you just start thinking of ways to make money."

Now that is a ringing endorsement from the Nebraska starting quarterback! Cruitin'.

USC's Silas Redd suffers knee injury, will miss the rest of spring football practice | Campus Union -

Lane Kiffin don't need no stinkin' depth.

Texas AD on A&M, conference realignment, SEC schedules -

DeLoss is bringing it. If this happens I think that the relationship between Texas and Notre Dame will have a lot to do with it. I am kind of enjoying how his comments over the last few months seem to be getting progressively more looney though.

"And the alliance between the Big 12 and the ACC, I think, strengthens them. I think that the Notre Dames of the world, it would unite them a little bit, toughen them a little bit. Then I think it would be less likely that anyone could pick one of their schools up."

Football Releases 2013 Mobile Apps - UND.COM - University of Notre Dame Official Athletic Site

This is just what you need. Even more ways to avoid doing any actual work.

Fresh off a berth in the BCS National Title game, the Irish have not only updated their previously existing "Inside Notre Dame Football" application, but also have developed the "Notre Dame Football PanoView Tour" application.

Coaches Clinic Adds Marvin Lewis, Marc Trestman - UND.COM - University of Notre Dame Official Athletic Site

Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis and Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman round out the impressive quintet of guest speakers for the 2013 University of Notre Dame Football Coaches Clinic. Fighting Irish head coach Brian Kelly and all of his assistant coaches will also give presentations at the clinic, which is scheduled for April 11-13.

Every day I get a little bit more sad that I won't be going to that coaches clinic.

Blue-Gold Football Tickets Go On Sale March 6 - UND.COM - University of Notre Dame Official Athletic Site

Did everybody already get their Blue-Gold tickets? If not they still have some. And they will still have some on the day of the game too. So go get them right now!

Notre Dame football: Dissecting epidemic of QB transferitis -

So Evan Sharpley is still in the area. He's directing fitness and commenting on Gunner Kiel. Where is flying Ram Vela when you really need him?

"With the kind of system coach Kelly runs, (Kiel) doesn’t necessarily fit into that system, and I’ve always found that kind of curious — why he could come to Notre Dame knowing that," said Sharpley, a former Notre Dame quarterback and minor-league baseball infielder who’s currently the director of fitness at the Eastlake Athletic Club in Elkhart.

"He’s a great talent," Sharpley continued. "Unfortunately, some quarterbacks fit in systems better than others. Again, I would like to see him stick around, because you never know what can happen. But the fact it’s out there and public, it’s almost impossible to turn that around, which is kind of sad. "There are a lot of emotions that he’s probably still dealing with right now."

Over at Inside the Irish Keith Arnold is still blazing through the position groups.

Spring Solutions: Tight Ends | Inside the Irish

Spring Solutions: Offensive line | Inside the Irish

Spring Solutions: Secondary | Inside the Irish

You can expect to follow CBK's presser today at As I mentioned at the top we will get a post up to discuss that later this afternoon.

What else? PBurns crossed over and has been tearing it up ever since. He hit #8 on his Top Notre Dame Football Performances since 2000 series yesterday. You can also find that and a ton of roundball coverage right here on our front page. Our own Alstein has been on fire lately! Keep checking back, it's going to be a busy week!

Have a great week!