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2013 Notre Dame Football Recruiting Class -- Offensive Line

OFD continues on a journey to break down the 2013 football recruiting class on a position-by-position basis.



Welcome to the third edition of the six part, in-depth series on the 2013 Notre Dame football recruiting class. I unveiled the OFD average grades for the newest members of the Fighting Irish family after National Signing Day.

For reference, here are the previous pieces:

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The third installment will focus on the offensive line: OT Steven Elmer, OT Mike McGlinchey, OT/OG Hunter Bivin, OG Colin McGovern and OG John Montelus.

Here are a few comments from Coach Kelly. Well, maybe more than a few:

Coach Kelly Signing Day Press Conference (via NotreDameAthletics)

The transcript from Coach Brian Kelly's press conference on national signing day can be found here.

Official OFD Recruit Grading Scale:

95-100: Elite impact freshman with All-American potential

90-94: Multi-year starter with All-conference potential

85-89: Eventual starter with chance to play as underclassman

80-84: Raw prospect with decent potential but a couple years away from impact

75-79: Likely a backup

70-74: Reach by the coaching staff

Note: All Height/Weight/40 times as listed on


OT Steven Elmer

(Midland, MI - Midland) - 6'6"/315/5.04

OFD Average: 92

Steven Elmer (junior highlights) (via Jeremy Lin)

Brian Kelly's thoughts from the signing day press conference:

Steve Elmer is one of our mid year graduates from Midland. Again, I think when you look at all the things, he's got the size, he's 6'5", he's got great feet, he's 300 pounds right now, but looks like he could put on as many pounds as we need to in strength and conditioning with Steve. Bright, articulate, he fits all the profiles that we're looking for with great feet, athleticism, can play on the edge, play the tackle position for us, and again, just a great student and a great young man.

Here is's interview with Elmer:

Steve Elmer Interview - 2013 Notre Dame Football Early Enrollee (via NotreDameAthletics)

Whiskey: 91

Elmer was the first commit in this class and he jumped on VERY early in his Junior year. I think that actually contributed some to how he was viewed by the national services as there was just no "story" there. Regardless Elmer is a highly talented early enrollee with tremendous potential. The staff is really high on Elmer and I expect him to be in the rotation at Tackle very soon.

Eric Murtaugh: 90

I've got Elmer as the third best lineman of this class which says more about the recruiting the coaching staff has done than the skills of Elmer. He moves really well for his size and that's a huge plus. Even if we conservatively estimate his weight is fibbed a little bit (as many are) he still should be over 300 pounds as a freshman. Many expect him to stay at tackle but he looks like a new-age guard to me. He's more round yet deceivingly tall and I'd love to get his athleticism and height inside on the line.

Where he ends up might depend on his teammates and their profiles but I think we've got a rock of this class who is going to start for 2 or 3 years and be as committed to the university as anyone. By the time he runs out the tunnel this fall he'll have been committed to Notre Dame for almost 2 full years! I'll also say if his body changes in a good way (trims down a little, adds muscle, etc.) his upside is enormous---he is the top football player in the state of Michigan for a reason. I just think he's a little too frumpy to beat out other players at tackle, but I love his mean streak and I think that needs to be used at guard.

4pointshooter: 92

alstein: 95

Jim Miesle: 92

Elmer looks to be the future at right tackle for BK & company. He probably took a hit on some of the recruiting rankings due to the early commitment and limited combine schedule, but was definitely one of the best tackle prospects in this class. He should be a factor as part of the two-deep in the fall due to a thin depth chart at tackle. I don't expect him to play unless it is an emergency, but being an early enrollee should help him be ready just in case.


OG Colin McGovern

(New Lenox, IL - Lincoln Way West) - 6'6"/295

OFD Average: 83

Colin McGovern - 2013 OT - Lincoln Way West (via trieuprospects)

Brian Kelly's thoughts from the signing day press conference:

Colin McGovern: Colin out of Lincolnway West here, and to have linemen from the Midwest is something that we always look for. It would be nice to get somebody every year from this area. Colin is more than just a player from the Midwest; he's a physical, strong guy that can play inside for us, and really felt early on in this process when we watched him compete, and again, here's another guy that came up to camp, and we got a chance to see him in person, and that makes such a big difference to us. He'll be a nice player for us working inside out.

Whiskey: 82

McGovern is the type of young offensive line prospect that will come in and benefit greatly from some time with Coach Longo while he learns the system. McGovern had a "procedure" this week that will be followed by a six month recovery. Anticipate a definite redshirt in 13' and it will likely be a couple of years before he competes for time. For offensive linemen that is really the "normal" track anyway.

Eric Murtaugh: 80

McGovern is the lowest rated offensive lineman in this class according to my rankings but there's no shame in the grade I'm giving out here. One of the big things that is brought up in his scouting reports, and is evident in his tape and pictures, is that he needs to get stronger.

He's a really good prospect otherwise, but the other linemen in this class appear to be a little more mature in the physical department. Still, there's a lot of potential here, I just think he'll be a little bit behind schedule in relation to his classmates. I like his athleticism and footwork, now let's get him in Longo Beach and ready for action in a year or two.

4pointshooter: 88

alstein: 76

Jim Miesle: 87

McGovern was held out of the Under Armour All-Star game thanks to an injury, so fans missed a preview on his skills against elite talent. He is the kind of player who is a few years away from contributing, but should challenge for one of the starting guard spots. He also earned the largest range in grades by the OFD staff-indicating that the injury was a big question mark for some, but not as much for others.


OT/OG Hunter Bivin

(Owensboro, KY - Apollo) - 6'7"/290

OFD Average: 91

Hunter Bivin Highlights (via 999sportsdude)

Brian Kelly's thoughts from the signing day press conference:

We'll begin with Hunter Bivin. What we have here is a young man with great versatility on the offensive line. He played tackle, he moved to center in the all star game, played flawlessly at that position. Here's a young man that comes in with the size and strength and the versatility on the offensive line, an area that as you know with five offensive line commits was very central to this recruiting class.

Whiskey: 90

Bivin is an outstanding offensive line prospect that could contribute at either Tackle or Guard. At 6'7" 290lbs he has a great frame and a ton of upside. CBK mentioned on signing day that he expects Bivin to contribute on the inside which would make sense as I have seen a few scouts mention that he appears to have trouble with the speed rush on the outside. Regardless of where he ends up exactly, I expect to see him heavily involved in the offense a couple of years down the line.

Eric Murtaugh: 92

My top offensive lineman in the class, he's exactly what Notre Dame should look for at the tackle position. Tall, lanky, and with a body that can add another 40 pounds and still stay trim and muscular at well over 300 pounds. For his size, he's the best athlete of the 5 linemen coming in and I have really, really high expectations for him.

Once Zack Martin leaves for the NFL I expect Bivin to be playing a lot. He's shown versatility to play other positions but Bivin (and Stanley from the '12 class) look like the rocks at tackle for this program to build around. Even if his future isn't at tackle he'll excel anywhere else on the line.

4pointshooter: 90

alstein: 90

Jim Miesle: 91

Bivin is the Swiss Army knife offensive lineman of this class. Listed and recruited as a tackle, played center at the Under Armour All-American game, and will probably end up at guard. He is a great prospect who will be add valuable depth across the board in the short term and should start for a few years over his career.


OT Mike McGlinchey

(Philadelphia, PA - William Penn Charter) - 6'9"/275

OFD Average: 83

PA 2013 Mike McGlinchey Penn Charter OL Promo (via ScoutingPennsylvania)

Brian Kelly's thoughts from the signing day press conference:

Mike McGlinchey: Mike is another young man that as he continues to grow, we worry that Mike Brey is going to take him from us. He could be 6'11" here soon, but he's another young man that has the athleticism to play the tackle position, but he's athletic enough that he's played tight end. We were really impressed with the way he played basketball. He was a ferocious competitor, ran well, and is somebody that is going to continue to get stronger physically. But he comes from a great high school, William Penn Charter School, just a perfect fit for us at Notre Dame, and again, on the offensive line gives us that long reach guy that can play the tackle position for us.

Whiskey: 84

At 6'9" McGlinchey is obviously very long but he is also quick and athletic. As he continues to fill out he could develop into a very physical force. CBK says that he expects McGlinchey to play Tackle and once he adds some weight and improves his technique over the next couple of years he could end up being a solid contributor.

Eric Murtaugh: 83

I think McGlinchey qualifies as one of the sleepers in this class. My grade isn't a little higher because he's so tall and I don't know how well his body is going to fill out over the next couple years. He's shown good strength and work ethic in high school and at all-star practices, but it remains to be seen how that translates to the college level. There is a ton of potential here though.

He's already crazy athletic and shows good pad level for his size. I wouldn't be shocked if he's making waves as a freshman but I do think it will take him a while to get used to playing against 300 pounders on the edge. Due to his height he really doesn't have the versatility to play guard, which Bivin, McGovern, and Elmer have the versatility to do. I'm interested to see how tall he is measured at when fall practice begins and to see how raw the coaches think he is.

4pointshooter: 86

alstein: 80

Jim Miesle: 83

Football fans should really be happy when the staff signs basketball players at offensive tackle. Footwork becomes second nature and they generally have athleticism that is hard to teach to players at that point in their career. McGlinchey definitely fits that description. He will have plenty of time to add weight and develop, but could end up being a major steal by the staff.


OG/OC John Montelus

(Everett, MA - Everett) - 6'5"/305

OFD Average: 92

John Montelus Senior Highlights (Notre Dame Commit) (via John Montelus)

Brian Kelly's thoughts from the signing day press conference:

John Montelus: Another offensive lineman from Everett, Massachusetts, comes from another great program. Everett High School is probably the preeminent high school team in the state of Massachusetts. 6'5", 305 pounds, and he looks we had a picture of the five offensive linemen together, and I remember just kind of kiddingly looking at John, and John is probably not 6'5", but he's well over 6'3", and he looks short compared to everybody else in that offensive line class. But he's not short on physical play. He will knock you out. He gets off the ball, he's physical at the point of attack. He played a lot of tackle. We see him moving inside for us. But again, just his personality, his makeup, his family. I see it from my guys are out there finding the talent, and then I get a chance to spend a lot of time with the families, and single mom who's raised John, it's just a great story in terms of the success, coming from Haiti and now getting an opportunity to be successful here at Notre Dame.

Whiskey: 90

Montelus has the potential to be an outstanding Guard. He is coming in off of a shoulder injury but if he can bounce back quickly he could be a major contributor in year two. I'm high on Montelus and I really expect big things out of him as an interior lineman.

Eric Murtaugh: 91

A true bulldozer at guard with quick feet and solid mobility. I love the way Montelus gets downfield and blocks. Putting on my scout hat for a moment he plays with really good pad level. Looks like a very polished offensive lineman with good explosion out of his stance.

Montelus should push for playing time very early in his career---he might even take over for Watt at left guard in 2014. As long as he can stay healthy John should have a very big career in South Bend.

4pointshooter: 92

alstein: 95

Jim Miesle: 92

While reading the different takes on Montelus leading up to (and after) National Signing Day, scouts said they would be shocked not to see him in the NFL one day. I guess you could consider that a high ceiling. He is the prototypical guard in both size and mentality. It should be a lot of fun watching him play in a few years, pulling from the back side and opening huge holes in opposing defenses.