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Five Wide Fullbacks: The Not Sports Edition

Five Questions. Five Answers. Let’s do this.

The Big Rock Show
The Big Rock Show
A. Messerschmidt


Happy Valentine's Day! I can't believe that I just said that. I've never been a fan. It was the right thing to say though right? Right? Okay enough of that. I really can't believe it is the middle of February already. Is it just me or did January fly by? I suppose that would be the fringe benefit of a fun things like your Head Coach flirting with the NFL and a crazy national story involving your departing star player. By the time all of that was over it was National Signing Day. With a highly successful NSD now behind us the doldrums of the college football off-season are officially upon us.

We have been pretty decent about covering down on all of the Notre Dame sports related topics lately and the basketball team seems hell bent on giving Notre Dame fans everywhere a heart attack. As a result we decided to hit you guys up with a change of pace this week. I shook the 5WF question vault and this is where we ended up. Drinking, Driving (never together) and some early thoughts on activities for the spring and summer. Let's see where this conversation takes us.

1. What are you drinking these days? Beer? Cocktails? What's good?

I'm a sucker for the alcohol questions. Irish Whiskey and an occasional Scotch remain in the rotation but I've been on more of a beer kick again since the holidays ended. I'm a little bit stuck on Racer 5 IPA from Bear Republic Brewing Co. at the moment. It's pretty fantastic. But The Maharaja Imperial India Pale Ale from Avery Brewing Co. is pretty fantastic too. If you like IPA at all you owe it to yourself to try them.

2. What do you drive? What's your dream car?

I drive a Ford F-150 FX4 crew cab that is loaded out all ridiculous with a bunch of stuff that I love but don't really need. Big engine, all terrain tires, skid plates, black leather interior and a stereo system that makes the high school version of me jealous. I love it. After growing up in Texas driving a 4WD truck is the one "Texas thing" that sort of stuck with me for whatever reason. I can't really imagine that I would drive anything else no matter what my budget might be. Give me a million bucks and I might consider getting the updated version of the same truck. Might....

3. Are there any concert tours coming up that you are looking forward to? Talk to me about the best concert that you have ever been to.

I love concerts and I have been to a ton of them. I had tickets to Van Halen with David Lee Roth last summer then had to pass mine off to a buddy to go on another adventure. Bummer. I saw that Bon Jovi and Fleetwood Mac (nice combo right?) are both going to be on the road this spring and summer. Both are interesting to me for different reasons but I'm not sure that I can pull either of those off based on my schedule.

The best concert that I have ever been to is tough. My parents finally turned me loose on the big rock shows when I was a teenager and I ate those up. Metallica on the Black Album tour probably takes the cake for me. I was really young but I still remember that show like it was yesterday. Other notable tours that I really enjoyed tremendously were the Rolling Stones , Page/ Plant (closest thing to the full Led Zeppelin) and Aerosmith who always puts on a good show. Oh yeah and Def Leppard was fun. Guilty pleasure there....

4. Do you like amusement parks? What's your favorite one?

High ticket prices, overpriced food, long lines what's not to like? I actually do like them for some reason. As far as favorites go I enjoy the original Disneyland in Anaheim but Walt Disney World in Orlando probably takes the cake. It is the Mecca of amusement parks is it not? There are just so many parks and so much to do there. A fun grown up game is to go to Epcot Center with a few of your buds and try to drink your way around the world. Start at one end, have a beer, and then move on to the next country. I once got sidetracked in Germany. Those 32oz steins are serious. Good luck!

5. It's that time of year when you should start thinking about potential road trips for the spring and summer. What's your favorite stretch of highway?

Back to vehicles and driving we go. Favorite stretch of highway? I-10 running across Louisiana is pretty awesome. Kidding. Is that the longest bridge across a swamp in the entire world or what? Talk to me MotS! My real answer would be the Pacific Coast Highway from Santa Monica CA up to San Francisco. Everyone should take a couple of days to make that drive that at some point. The scenery along the way is pretty spectacular.

See you in the comments!